• There’s a lot of promise here, but still work to be done. The free version is somewhat limited, but so are my needs so I was optimistic. I took it through some real-world tasks, only to find several aggravating issues and a final deal-breaker for me.

    First the deal-breaker: The free version is limited to a single grid system, which is understandable. But the grid can’t be edited once it’s created – you can only delete the settings and thereby lose all the formatting for posts that were formatted with those settings. So, for example, if you decide that you’d rather have 8 columns instead of 6, you essentially start over with the free version (the paid version allows multiple grid systems, so this isn’t a problem if you pay).

    There are probably a number of fair reasons for this lack of editing ability, but in the end it means the free version is very inflexible, and you will essentially be painting yourself into a corner by using it. For me, that far outweighs any advantages this plugin provides (and there are many).

    Other aggravations included a remote settings page (on the Setka site) to set defaults for a style. Again, this is somewhat understandable but cumbersome. In operation, the undo function is nice but unpredictable, as are some of the basic layout controls. Paragraph blocks could sometimes not be deleted and dividers would sometimes disappear. The documentation mentions controls that aren’t available, and eventually I felt like I was fighting the plugin after awhile just to try to get it to function as it should. I ended up editing the html and css time and again to adjust things, at which point the whole purpose of the plugin is defeated.

    There’s a lot of promise here, and I love the idea of an easy, universal visual editor for posts. But as of this review I’m afraid the free version just isn’t ready for a production environment. And the most affordable paid version is cost-prohibitive for most small businesses. I’ll definitely keep an eye on this, but for now I’ll be deleting it.

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    Hi, joefoe!

    Thank you very much for the review. We are always open to the feedback to understand better our customers’ needs.

    Moreover, we are still testing and developing our pricing policy.

    We will be very glad if you specify the problems that you faced with the issue “The documentation mentions controls that aren’t available”. We will be glad to make an onboarding for you and provide a Demo plan to demonstrate the features better. Would you like to schedule an onboarding call?

    Best regards,
    Setka Team

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