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  • Yeah… Gave this a try and it didn’t work out at all. Users either couldn’t log in, or were constantly logged out and all sorts of strange things started happening with user accounts. Passwords would be working, then 5 mins later they wouldn’t. Once I reset the password, they’d work for login, but then they couldn’t login again until I set it again.

    Not sure what’s wrong and wish I had more info. I’ve pulled it and am exploring others, but I thought you should know. Thanx.

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  • Plugin Author mustela


    Hi jonhardison,

    I’m doing my best to make it “free” of bugs, but it seems there are a few still there.

    I hope you find what you need in other plugins.

    This is disappointing to hear.. I’ve just installed and will begin my testing this week.. Hope this is not an issue with this plugin…



    Plugin Author mustela


    Would be great if you can test it, and tell me your toughs, needs, bugs, etc.

    A big update is coming, I hope to have it in 2 days. It will fix lot of bugs and it’ll add new features, like captcha.

    And, just and advice for everyone there… never test a plugin in a “production” environment :), you never know…

    Looking forward to the new update..

    One thing I think is needed is that comments for posts in restricted categories are not hidden and they should be.. I have a workaround/hack I could use for this, but ti really should be a feature of this plugin..

    Still testing other functions.. I had issue similar to the ones jonhardison posted regarding not being able to log in.. But I cannot replicate the issue.. So will keep testing..


    Okay mustela you asked for feedback and you got it.. So I’ve had a chance to really play with this in the last 24 hours.. So let me summarize what I’ve discovered thus far.

    1. Comments for posts in restricted categories are not hidden.. As I previously stated, I do have a possible workaround/hack I could use for this, but it really should be a feature of this plugin..
    2. I had issue similar to the ones jonhardison posted regarding not being able to log in..
      I created a user by registering on the site. I looked at the WordPress user profile and noticed it defaulted to “Subcriber” (as it should have). The Maven user role was set to the default Maven role. But I couldn’t log in.
      So strangely enough once I set the WordPress user profile to the same role as the Maven role, then it worked.. The next user I created didn’t have this issue at all.. and today I reset the WordPress user role for my first test user back to “Subscriber” and had had NO issues logging in at all.. Very odd..
    3. Maven Member fields DO NOT appear in the user profile at all. I see a header for Maven Member fields, but they do not show up. Which brings me to a question.. I thought Maven added to the default WordPress users.. The way this is implemented (based on the UI alone) it seems to be a plugin that is working in PARALLEL with the default WordPress users..
    4. Lastly Maven Member messes with the WP admin-bar. Actually it seems to flat out remove it.. I don’t know if this is by accident or design. If it is by design, then this is undesirable functionality and IMHO it should be removed..
      I would prefer to control the appearance of the admin-bar myself and not have this plugin do it. For site owners/developers who don’t want the admin bar, there are a number of methods and plugins which deal with this very nicely. Also the current versions of WordPress allow users to turn the admin bar on or off in their user profile.
      Bottomline is if the admin-bar was turned off by design in this plugin it is a BAD idea. If the plugin developer feels strongly about this feature then at least make this a configurable plugin option that can be turned on by the site owner/developer if they CHOOSE to with some more OPEN options like those available in the Admin Bar Disabler plugin.

    This thing is SOOOOO close.. Unfortunately the admin-bar issue is a deal breaker for me.. I turn it off for all but those who administrate or edit the site using the Admin Bar Disabler plugin. (For the clients whom I am building this site for this is an IMPORTANT usability feature.
    Maven-Member disables/overrides the settings in the Admin Bar Disabler plugin. (I verified this by disabling Maven Member and confirmed that my admin-bar came back for all but “Subscribers” — as I had configured it to do)

    Plugin Author mustela


    You rock man!! Thanks a lot for taking the time to check the plugin! I really appreciate it!! Really!

    I think all the issues you mention, including the Admin Bar, will be done for tomorrow :).

    Thanks a lot!

    Technically it’s WOman!! **LOL**

    Last thing.. with regards to roles.. I noticed that users who register via the for are assigned the WordPress default user role and the Maven-Member default user role. I cannot choose an existing WordPress role as the Maven-Member default, and in fact default WordPress roles are not available in the Maven-Member interface at all..

    It’s unclear why users must have two roles, but what is equally unclear is why there are two places to edit users. If this plugin is an enhancement to the current WordPress users functionality, wouldn’t it make sense that the UI be unified??

    Lastly I just noticed that if you deactivate and reactivate this mod, it re-generates the registration pages..

    hi, been watching this thread with great interest. have these issues been resolved? i am looking for a plugin that this one is describing to do. i have installed and uninstalled 3 others that didn’t quite fit my needs. thanks so much!

    Suggest you do what we’ve all been doing.. install and test it out for yourself..

    Plugin Author mustela


    Hi Mickif,

    As DivaVocals said, download and test it. I’ve updated a new version with a lot of issues fixed but I don’t know if it fits your needs.
    Would be great to have your comments.

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