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  • mark8181


    I tried it, I actually wanted to use it but it’s a total mess.

    Control panel is a real headache. Yellow for suspended, to be approved and cancelled bookings. And you never know, from a quick view, which ones are still to be checked and approved and which ones have been suspended. I always have to check them and the notes written on a side.

    Also, cancelled and bin booking. What’s the difference? Not a description of what each button does.

    It’s a total mess.

    Going for alternatives

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  • Plugin Author wpdevelop



    “Approved” or “Pending” status of the specific booking clearly showing with text at the Booking Listing page.

    Each button have hints, when you mouse over specific button.

    Please note, the purpose of trash button to delete specific booking (for example if the booking was made by mistake or it’s spam).

    Pending bookings, it’s does not approved bookings – bookings that was not checked by the administrator. You can activate option to show pending bookings as available bookings (you can activate it at the Booking > Settings General page), so you can receive multiple bookings for the same date (if you need this) and approve only specific booking that you need.

    Kind Regards.



    do not take it as a negative feedback but as a ticket to improve. I believe your plugin is good but needs a few things to be very good.

    This is very confusing:
    Here I have 2 buttons, approve and reject
    The reject here is pending, so why calling it in a different way? If I reject it, it must become red (as explained below) and not yellow again. Also, if I reject it, the email (pending) will be sent. Wrong, if I reject it, it must send reject booking, which is the same of cancel)

    It would be very easy if I can have for example the following colours:
    Green: approved
    Yellow: pending
    Red: cancel/Rejec. Must be different than yellow, or I will keep opening it to check why it is yellow (which by default means pending)

    Cancelled and bin:
    In the email section I have:
    – Approved —> to approve
    – Pending —> to check
    – Bin —> to delete definitely from the calendar
    – Cancelled ->>> cancel/reject booking. It is very important this gives me a different color than yellow as yellow is pending.

    Is there a way I can change the color of the labels from within the control panel? It is absolutely important.


    Plugin Author wpdevelop


    Thank you for explanation about this.

    So basically you need one more button “Reject”, which set different color for the booking and send email about this.

    But in general it’s the same as move booking to the Trash.
    System set different color for this bookings (red) and send email about moving booking to the trash. And such bookings does not show in calendar (month view calendar) at front-end side.
    So may be just rename trash button ?

    Please note, complete deletion of the bookings from the system possible, only if the booking in the trash.
    Kind Regards.

    Plugin Author wpdevelop


    We have released new update 8.7.1, where we have improved text at some items.
    Like changed text from “Trash” -> “Trash / Reject” in buttons, statuses and emails …
    Hope its will make more clear about usage of specific actions.
    Kind Regards.

    Hi,.sorry for the late answer.

    I will test it. I believe that with a small change like that’s you have made it much more understandable and manageable.


    Hi guys,
    Just testing the plugin now.
    I thought my request was clear. Actually not an option sets the booking as rejected.

    If I use cancel the booking, this will be removed from the control panel. If I delete the booking, this will be deleted from the control panel.

    Also, if after approving it and I set it as pending, it will go back to yellow.

    To me, the way it is managed the app, is useless.

    Can you really understand anything from what you see on your panel? I strongly believe that you can improve it with just a few touches, but as it is now, I prefer not using it. Just very confusing.

    Hope my feedback will help.

    Plugin Author wpdevelop


    1) Basically if you use “Reject – move to trash” the booking, this not always remove the booking from the Booking Listing page.
    If in the Filter toolbar you have set to show “Any” bookings instead of “Exist” so then you will see such bookings in the Booking Listing page. And you will have “In Trash / Rejected” label with Red background.
    In “Calendar Overview page” such bookings usually disappear. And of course such bookings does not showing in the front-end calendar.

    2) Unfortunately currently we can not change colors of labels of the bookings, it’s because so many users already used plugin and if we change colors to some other it’s can make confusion to users that already used plugin for a long time. But we will add to the todo list feature of ability to define own colors for the approved/pending/canceled status of such bookings.

    Kind Regards.

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