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    I tried WP 5 I really did, but Gutenberg is simply a disaster:
    – Non intuitive
    – No patience for Custom Post Types
    – Breaks 80% of my complex sites

    Just look at the amount of installs of the Classic Editor Plugin and (better) alternative plugins.

    My recommendation:
    Do NOT install the Classic Editor plugin. This keeps you under the wings of the WordPress dictators.
    Instead choose one of the alternative plugins which keep working even after 2022.
    The one I use is ‘Disable Gutenberg’


    Some will say it is a revolution. I think it’s an enormous step back, disregarding the widely heard feedback that the whole Gutenberg plan is just a bad idea for so many reasons. To name a few:
    – It is unnecessary. The current editor works, and the industry already adopted other editors which have already tried the Gutenberg approach and failed. They went back to replace the editor at the place of the current editor, and not in that awkward separate space. There now are several editors which work well and have different approaches for different needs. You’ll force them into your approach.
    – It does not solve a problem.
    Well there’s the Elephant in the room.
    – It has huge impact, for no good reason.
    It will likely break many sites, plugins and themes requiring a lot of people to do a lot of work. Lots of the feedback ha sbeen about problems with themes, sites not working, plugins breaking. None of these issues have been solved, the basic reply is; change these themes and plugins, we’ll move along. Like Lord Acton said; ‘Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely’.
    Guys, you can’t see straight anymore, you are sitting on too much heaveweight CMS to act so frivolously.
    I cannot begin to fear how many sites will break over this. WordPress is a business tool of busy people, not a hobby tool which you poor attention into because there is a new release.
    – The UI is not well thought out.
    The UI shows signs of people working on it that have not studied UX design. I don’t care about pretty or not, I care about usability, whether the layout actually helps the process it serves. It does not..
    – Throwing away the child with the bathwater.
    WordPress has grown to enormous proportions, amongst-others by keeping the changes gradual and simple. I fear you are making a classical mistake. Ask Joomla. DON’T DO IT !!!

    And finally; no, the classical editor as a plugin is not the answer. It says it all, a plugin, whilst Gutenberg would be core. Plugins break with core changes. Plugins are not as important, the core is sacred. In other words, your message is: Classical editor (the name alone reveals a lot) is loess important to us core developers than Gutenberg. That simply means you force everyone (yes everyone eventually) to upgrade. Because if we don’t the pressure is on us to check the classical editor plugin’s suitability for future releases.

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    • This topic was modified 9 months, 1 week ago by  paulnl.
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  • This is very well said and encompasses what all the one star reviews are expressing concern about.

    Bottom line is Guttenberg should be a plugin for those who want to use it, not the other way around.

    I totally agree with paulnl.
    No one should waiting for this core change.
    I have always been against pagebuilders and now WordPress 5 forces us to use a core pagebuilder.
    Better should be to focus on php 7.x core and better database functionality as the requirements for themes and plugins.
    With Gutenberg as a core pagebuilder one can NOT trust the themes and plugins anymore, whether they are classic or new.
    For all my websites I have the following priorities.
    Stability is prio 1,
    Functionality is prio 2,
    Security is prio 3,
    SEO is prio 4,
    Design is a less priority.
    There are a lot of people who prefer Design as prio 1 and do not care the rest I mention.
    With Gutenberg the stability, functionality, security and SEO are not certain.
    Should we have to wait till miliones of installations have proven to be wrong ?
    Consider all the effort, hours of work to adapt the current sites, etc.

    For some reason they wanted to target those hesitating people who still did not chose WIX or squarespace. And for getting those people they just seem to completely forget about all the people (ca. 30% of the whole internet) who just have chosen WP despite it did not have a design-oriented editor in the core. Actually there is a good range of such editors as a plugin.

    Well…if you let believe average people (who do not know what responsive design is) that with Gutenberg they will be able to make beautiful webDESIGNS even if they can layout anything in just 1 given resolution…then you should know average people will be completely disappointed finding their “designed” content just breaks if the website visitor has a device with another resoultion than the person who “designed” it. And making everything pixel perfect just took them much more time than before.

    But despite all of these GB will be announced as a miracle in WP history, however it is quite the opposite in reality and after the first some weeks everyone will be really disappointed.

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    It’s fair to say this review has been derailed. You’re welcome to create your own reviews and contribute back to your review with more of your thoughts, but if you opine on other people’s reviews then their review will be derailed.

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