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  • hi, i just realized that wordpress can automatically be installed at my site..its confirmed installed already, i can see it thru the cpanel, but couldn’t find it in my site.. what to do? what’s next after installation?


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  • Use it maybe?

    How did WordPress get installed–via Fantastico?

    In what folder is WordPress installed? For example if it is a folder called /public_html/wordpress then you would navigate to

    oh yes drmike, i really wanted to use it but just DONT know HOW? that’s why i’m asking here.

    MichaelH, apparently i can installe different add ons to my site from the provider (they have a list already which i can view from my cpanel and wordpress is one of them), it’s in my wwwroot folder. i can’t seem to find the answer how can i view it.

    it’s in my wwwroot folder

    Maybe… but in which folder? It is not “wordpress”, it is not “blog”, so where is it?


    Well, 1 + 1 = 2.
    I mean you know your domain, you know the folder where WP is installed… so, why couldn’t you put together the two?
    and for the backend:
    (The installation didn’t go well, there are some database problems. If thsi is a brand new blog, I’d delete it and try again)

    Also, are you using the same database and table prefix for the blog in the root and at “/wpress”?

    err..i don’t understand hahah sorry i’m really slow with this html/css’ing..=(
    it’s a brand new blog so i’ll delete and re-install again problem is, it asks me to install the tables blah blah at MyPhp thinggy which i don’t know how…

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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