• Dear Types,
    You are simply awesome. I put together a site with CPT’s and Custom Fields very nicely with the help of this great tool. Bonus: the client liked my setup, and asked if I could do the same thing on another of their sites. I said yes, but then the real cool thing emerged: I was able to export my Types stuff from Site1 and import them into Site2. Talk about excellent. Saved me a lot of time!

    I get around, and I’ve got to say, your plugin is so nicely put together and easy to use. I have also experimented with Pods, which has very nice technology, but the documentation is slim, and you really can’t hope to get any support, or at least I didn’t when I asked on their “forum”. Whereas so far at the rare times I’ve needed to look something up about Types, I found the answer in the docs!

    For custom fields I’ve had a great time using Custom Field Template, which is a superb plugin. Yet Types gives you all that, CPT’s, easy GUI features, and a bag of chips. 😉

    I haven’t even needed Views, as I’m very geeky, but I will certainly consider it if the need arises.

    Super Job, Team!

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  • Hey Dave!

    Thanks for trying out Pods, I’m glad you found a solution that you’re comfortable with. I’m hoping you can help shed some light on some of the issues you had with Pods support, as it’s been a primary focus of ours over the past few months. How can we make it better in the future, to help others in a similar position as yourself?

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