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  • A few weeks ago I downloaded xammp and wordpress onto my home desktop pc as local host (no webhost). I then uploaded the divi theme with divi builder and everything went ok. It was fully loaded onto my pc with a local host URL etc. I then turned off my pc and the following day turned on my pc and The local host URL did not load. It was as if I had not downloaded anything.

    Yesterday I did the same thing on another of my laptop pc’s. Once again it uploaded fine with a wordpress username etc. At localhost/testsite./wordpress using http; etc and, once again, I get an ‘Unable to connect’ page. Once again it is if it has disappeared completely from my pc.

    urls used are –


    I must have downloaded wordpress etc as my pc told me it had done so –there was a message on my screen telling it had downloaded ok as well as me being able to see it on my home screen.
    yesterday I closed the worpress loaded software webpage and reopened it again to see it load again without issue . So, taking that into consideration, where the hell has it gone today ?!.

    Is it a case of me not saving the webpage or something yesterday ?.

    Can anyone help ?

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    I think you might just need to restart Apache and MySQL via the XAMPP control panel. They do not start automatically by default. I’ve not used XAMPP recently, but I believe there’s a way to get these to auto-run when your computer starts up. Check the XAMPP docs if that’s of interest.

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