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  • sciocore


    I have the PRO version of this plugin so I’m not sure if 4 stars would apply to this review or not. The free version itself is well worth 5 stars because the issues I have is with the pro version.

    The biggest problem is the fact that a paid user is not entitled to any updates after a certain amount of time. This really makes no sense because this is akin to saying that your plugin becomes completely worthless and unusable if WordPress decides to make some changes in the future that alter how plugins operate. Furthermore, no updates means that if security vulnerabilities are found, your PAID version is just leaving you vulnerable. I can understand no updates for aesthetic reasons or extra features but making a paid product become useless is 100% unfair to anyone.

    Another problem is trying to get your purchase code if you ever lose it and move your site or change your domain name. After finally emailing the person and getting it, I am given the purchase code and then told that I can simply go to a certain URL to retrieve it. However, I found absolutely nowhere within the plugin or instructions that provides that URL. This should be prominent if it is in there anywhere and simply looked over.

    Another problem comes when changing colors on the menus. Changing them is fairly simple BUT you don’t even see what item you are changing until you click on the color picker to finally reveal the label for which part of the menu you are altering the color of. This could be something that was fixed in a recent update but how could I possibly know that since I no longer receive updates?

    For this “no more updates” reason, I simply had to start editing the core files myself in order to make my own alteration updates. This is not fun considering the coding methods is not very well implemented (but the “methods” is only my opinion as a developer and nothing to do with functionality – so no loss in stars there for that.)

    Overall, I’ll give 4 stars but the loss in 1 star is primarily just due to the “no more updates” issue that seems very unfair to BUYERS. There should be a change here that provides PAID users with at least “important updates” that refer to functionality and security” at the very least. After all… free users are getting updates that keep them secure and the product working properly. Why are PAID users being left out of this? Does this make any sense to you at all?

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  • Plugin Author Janis Elsts


    Thank you for the review!

    Unfortunately, it’s against forum rules to discuss or provide support for paid plugins int this forum, so I won’t be able to address your feedback here. If you have any additional comments or questions about the paid version, please use this contact form instead:

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