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  • the blog was all working fine when last I checked it on IE6 and I can’t really think of anything I’ve altered since (other than posts) I know it comes up with an error for floatbox but eben with taht removed and teh erro gone the problem is still there with IE6. Can anybody take a quick look at this and see if they can see whats causing teh problem. It works fine on a mac and in IE7 but not in IE6. All help greatly appreciated!


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  • You could start by validating your site.

    It never had vvalidated since teh day I installed it so I just assumed there was something about the wordpress code that didn’t validate and left it. It’s weir dthough, the blog used to work fine on all browsers, coudl it be something that the user has posted as a thread?

    Somebody has been pasting from Word, see all these spans.

    p’s and spans gallore! ALthough if I click on a post taht I know used to work so taht is teh only one on the screen, it still freaks out in IE6. I’ve asked that they don’t post direct from word etc but thats where a lot of their content is so they just do it anyway. I’ve quietly worked through all teh validation errors, it’s taking a while but if it makes everything work properly in IE6 I’ll be happy. I don’t actually know of any one using IE6 but it’s still nice to know it woudl work if they did 😀

    There’s a ‘paste from Word’ in the visual editor of 2.7+!

    Also I notice a lot of the errors are caused by things like teh archives using <link> in teh middle of a document and a lot of code erros for widgets taht have been copied from teh net, not sure how I’d cure those. I’ve got it down from 200+ errors to 66 and starting to struggle getting rid of teh others now. Even if I got it to 0 I’m still fairly sure it would still be messed up in IE6. I think it’s just something IE doesn’t like. It’s fine in 7 and on Firefox. Just IE6 being a pain as always!

    There’s a ‘paste from Word’ in the visual editor of 2.7+!

    Really? I’d never even noticed that to tell them! funny enough I was doing a site in Drupal last night and the FCKeditor had it so I was wondering if it were possible to get it in WordPress. That’ll teach me to look !

    Curiing the majority of the validation erros mad ethings worse typically, I’ve had to revert to an old backup of teh theme again.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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