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  • I’ve been looking for a way to integrate Eventbrite events directly onto my website and my clients’ websites for a while. This plug-in seems to be the only option available.

    I’ve tried it out and it works well enough, but the free version is very limiting – too limited to take it for a real test drive. I can only assume that the Pro version will likely have its limits too.

    In short, it does the job. But it lacks greatly on presentation and the resulting page is not very visually pleasing at all.

    There is no inbuilt way of changing the layout of the page for events. And the layout given is quite ugly. Granted, I appreciate that the plug-in uses your theme’s default blog setting, but that’s where one of its biggest limitations is, in my view. And I know that you can go in and make changes to the custom post type called “eventbrite_events” or make tweaks to single-eventbrite_events.php. But that requires coding knowledge, which many WordPress users don’t have. (The whole point of WordPress is so that you don’t have to code if you don’t want to or don’t know how to.)

    In the very least, it would be great if the plug-in offered a full width page option. Or, better still, if the developers of this plug-in could develop an in-built page layout that approximated the Eventbrite layout – as far as possible without infringing on any copyright limits.

    I am using the plug-in with the Divi theme, and it (the plug-in) does not allow you to use the Divi Editor to edit the page layout.

    One of my biggest frustrations is where it displays the details at the top of the page, where it says the event organiser’s name and below it says “Website:” and the ugly looking Eventbrite URL. Why can’t the organiser’s name just serve as the link text, instead of showing that ugly, long URL? Also, where it says “Click to Register” and then shows the long URL to the event on Eventbrite. Why can’t the term “Click to Register” just serve as link text? Or why can’t that be a button, instead?

    Something else that would make it the page look a bit nicer is the display of tickets at the bottom. Instead of having that ugly looking scroll box, with the tickets listed in it, why not have a floating button that says, “Tickets” and when the user clicks on it, a lightbox/pop-over window opens with the ticketing details in it – just like on Eventbrite?

    It would also be great if there was an option for when using the [eventbrite_events] shortcode, where, when you click on an event thumbnail, it takes you directly to the event on Eventbrite.

    Oh! And one more thing! There should be an option in the plug-in to open links in a new tab, rather than the same tab, when it goes to Eventbrite.

    In short, it’s an adequate plug-in and, given that there isn’t another option, it just about does the job. But a lot more thought and effort could have gone into the designing of it, in my view.

    And one more final thing, regarding the Pro version licensing. There does not seem to be a Developer’s License, where I can install the plug-in on multiple clients’ websites. I know I can bulk buy licenses, but that’s not very cost-effective. And unlimited license would be great for web designers.

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  • Plugin Author Xylus Themes


    Hello @linseyja,

    Import Eventbrite Event plugin’s basic purpose is to import event in different Available WordPress calendar like The Event Calendar, Event Manager, Event organizer etc which has nice detailed frontends. Also they have separate designs for calendaring system.

    This plugin help you to import event from Eventbrite to WordPress site which is i think working fine in your case. For better presentation you can use with any of leading supported event calendar.List is given on We have given basic presentation if user just want to show events with sortcode.

    We have noticed need to presentation and we are working on it to have full calendar. Till then you can use with The Event Calendar or other supported calendar.

    There are lots of Themes and Builder and free software can’t support all themes. Its for importing data and it should work with any theme and calendar. Also Sortcode is working fine in Divi theme. If any specific issue please create support ticket or contact on our support section we are always happy to help.

    As You know its not possible to provide everything in Free version due to complex nature of plugin and its not possible to support free version without Pro. There is no limitation in Pro version, Even Free version has lots of functionality which can be used to have nice site. using plugin with event calendar.

    As we are working on design part so your suggestion would be help us to improve in presentation and we suggest you to check our pro version demo here and let us know your feedback suggestions.

    For Pro version licence please contact on our website and we are happy to help.

    Hopefully the information I shared here will get you the result you are wanting and you’ll think that deserves a swift upgrade from 2 to 5. We work hard to provide quality products and support and sure would appreciate your positive review! 🙂

    Thread Starter Jae


    I have tried the suggestions you offered and I’m still not impressed. If the free version is only just adequate, that does not given me much faith in the Pro version. I’m not prepared to but my money up, only to find myself being as disappointed as I was with the free version.

    Even when importing Eventbrite events into a calendar, such as The Event Calendar or Event Manager, the screen formatting is still quite ugly and it is not because of any fault on the part of the event calendars that I’ve used.

    The problem is that your when your plug-in pulls in the event details from Eventbrite, it seems to add extra lines between each paragraph. So I’m getting a lot of whitespace between each paragraph and it makes the resulting page look quite ugly and unprofessional.

    Also, when using your plug-in in conjunction with Event Manager, the ticketing details from Eventbrite are not being displayed – even though I have the settings option, “Display ticket option after event :” checked/ticked.

    I have actually tried 3 event calendars – The Event Calendar, Event Manager and All-In-One-Calendar. I have not received satisfactory results from any of those event calendars, no more than using your plug-in on its own.

    And the shortcode does not work well in the Divi Theme. It just does not display very well. And your plug-in seems to disable the Divi Editor on the events pages.

    No. I am still not impressed with this plug-in.

    Plugin Author Xylus Themes


    Hello @linseyja,

    Well free version is for free only, you can use if you like. You need not require to buy Pro version. Also support or query related to Pro can be solved on our support only not on, Our Pro version demo is available on site for free to use you can try it.

    As i mentioned earlier our plugin import into The Event Calendar, Event Manager and All-in-one Calendar. You can use there frontend as you like our focus is not front end design but importing event data properly in above calendar so user can use these calendar front end. More then 2000 user are using it without issue.

    If you can let us know specific issue on calendar and link of site and we are happy to help. Please for quick reply contact Here and we will be happy to help.


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