• Mustafa


    I am a big advocate of headless / decoupled / static front end so for that reason I really want this plugin to succeed.

    I purchased Pro LTD of this plugin 2 times and returned / refunded both the times because as of now it still has bugs and minimum support. But I am sure it will get there and will be quite a useful plugin.

    The FREE Version works great to export static files of your WP however following are the few bugs / shortcomings I noticed.

    1 – It doesn’t export all images (wp-content properly) for example if your WP creates resized images (thumbnail, etc etc) those do not get exported. as a result, these images will not display in respective devices (such as mobile etc). A work-around for this is that you can copy your wp-content/uploads manually from your wp install into your static zip and upload that zip so all content is there.

    2 – The folder structure that gets exported isn’t quite clean. Sometimes you’ll see multiple folders for one single post / page each having an index. Are these post revisions by any chance? I am not quite sure.

    Nothing else major. So for a free version (except above 2 points) it’s quite a good solution. The first one (content not getting pushed) is a bit of a weird one, i hope there’s a easier workaround or fix for that.

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