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    Support has been great. It was the way I’ve been managing plugins for better performance that was conflicting with the theme and Litespeed. Once that got sorted out Litespeed has been working and fast.

    I used to be a huge fan of this plugin, but not any more. It simply will not work on my site, and paying for a litespeed webserver with no support from litespeed is extremely disappointing.

    I got onto Litespeed about 18 months ago and thought it was the best thing since Betty White. It was that good. But since moving to a VPS and paying for LSWS through the host it doesn’t work. Everything says it’s working except every time a page loads it’s like a snail. Then I check the headers and see that Litespeed is a Storm Trooper and unable to hit cache ever.

    So frustrating that I have had to uninstall

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    Sorry to hear that. Did you create a ticket so we can check why it didn’t hit?

    Or if you check the debug log, did you see any purge action in each request? If there is no purge action, and those x-header in log looks good, but you still keep seeing miss, I feel like it’s because your new VPS didn’t setup correctly.

    Do you mind to share the log when you visit a page? Or give a report number then we can check, or create a ticket to get better help.

    Best regards,

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    @johnc1979 Also you can message us on slack if you want.

    Should be just missing set of cache folder in LSWS maybe.

    @hailite I did create a support ticket several months ago and was told to talk to my host who charge $50 a day for support. Clearly, I’m not about to talk to a third party who charge like that, especially if they’re not the developer.

    If I can actually get support from Litespeed and get it working as it should I’d be happy to give WHM, Cpanel and WordPress access and I’d certainly consider revising the review. At the moment though I’m running wp-rocket and won’t be able to switch over to litespeed unless I know it’s going to work as described. Hence giving you access to get it working correctly.



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    Eben you are using other cache plugins, it will be no harm to switch to litespeed server.

    If you dont mind, please create a ticket anf let me know. Thanks.

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    Just be back to update the issue:

    Its not caused by LSCWP. Its because the user set plugin organizer to prevent WooCommerce to be loaded from homepage, while this caused conflict with Avada theme. The theme triggered a purge_all request as it thought WooCommerce is disabled. When visiting other pages, the theme though its re-enabled then it sends a purge again.

    Just posted here in case someone else gets into same situation.

    The same thing happens to me, every adjustment I make goes completely out of control and I have to do full cache cleaning. Before these problems did not happen at all, I’m going to delete this plugin and switch to wp rocket.

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