• I rarely post negative comments, but I feel scammed. This plugin appeared on my dashboard with no way to remove it. It is not listed in my plugins, yet there is a whole series of options on the left side of my dashboard and a huge freaking block at the top telling me to set it up. I may have clicked something in AIOSEO, but I never knowingly agreed to all this nonsense appearing on my site with no way to delete it. I read that you have to delete it on the backend, or agree to everything and then delete it. Who has time for this? If your product is any good, you won’t have to FORCE it on people. I will now pay my coder to remove it. We are a tiny NGO who cannot afford the time or money on this kind of nonsense. Add freaking delete button. Thanks for NOTHING.

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    Hi there,
    Plugins in WordPress cannot add themselves to the backend. They either are added by a user, your hosting provider or by another plugin.

    MonsterInsights, like all WordPress plugins, can be removed from a WordPress install from the Plugins area of the WordPress admin: https://www.wpbeginner.com/beginners-guide/how-to-properly-uninstall-a-wordpress-plugin/


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    I clicked on something in AOISEO which was deceiving. I did not consent to adding anything to my site. It is a SCAM. I have tons of announcements and notifications about this plugin in my dashboard with NO WAY TO REMOVE IT. It does not show up in my plugin list. Part of your SCAM is to force people to sign up or use the backend to delete this which I have to pay someone to do because I don’t know how. I run a small nonprofit on a tight budget. In fact I volunteer full time. The last thing I need is to have to deal with nonsense like this and then pay someone to fix it. If your stuff is good, you wouldn’t need to trick people into getting it.

    I screenshot the numerous announcements and notifications about this plugin showing on my dashboard as well as the plugin page showing it is NOT LISTED, but I do not see a way to add any screenshots.

    It is infuriating that I have to see this message at the top of EVERY SCREEN in my dashboard until such time as I can PAY SOMEONE to delete this scam plugin.

    `Please Setup Website Analytics to See Audience Insights

    MonsterInsights, WordPress analytics plugin, helps you connect your website with Google Analytics, so you can see how people find and use your website. Over 3 million website owners use MonsterInsights to see the stats that matter and grow their business.

    Connect MonsterInsights and Setup Website Analytics Learn More`

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    We were able to determine from screenshots they submitted that our plugin was in fact listed on the Plugins page, they were simply looking for it to be listed as “MonsterInsights”. WordPress.org listed our plugin as “Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights” in the plugins list.

    The MonsterInsights version distributed on .org is our free plugin. It does not require an account with us in order to use, and in fact we don’t have a way for free users to make accounts.

    As with any any user of our product, we offer free support on our support site at monsterinsights.com/lite-support/. There’s no reason that any user, regardless of the issue that they’re experiencing, would need to hire someone to get support when we offer it for free.

    As for the notice, our plugin, a Google Analytics integration, requires a user to authenticate with Google Analytics — that’s how Google’s API works. As a result, like all major API based plugins on .org, we have a notice intended for new users to our plugin that they can click on and go straight to that process. Since our plugin cannot function without that action being done, and there’s no value to our plugin without that action being done, we have a notice present that has been reviewed by the Plugins team for it. The other submitted screenshots of our “notifications” included a photo of our dashboard widget and reports areas, both of which were displaying an error message with a button to bring them to that authentication process mentioned above since it wasn’t done yet. Afterwards, the reports would have showed on the reports page, and the overview stats would have shown on the overview dashboard widget as expected.

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    Your long explanation nowhere says, “thanks for letting us know our information is unclear. We will address this.” I am not the first person to say these things in a review. Why not make some simple clarifications and avoid this? I will never use anything from you after this. I am left with negativity after this experience.

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    Actually @eac2015 the last reply from @chriscct7 was, I thought, pretty clear; I’m not very plug-in/tech savvy but I got it. As for your statement

    I am left with negativity after this experience.

    something tells me you had a lot of it even before you installed the plugin.

    Hi there
    I was scamed so I want to know is ther any way to giving my money back or no ?

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