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  • Plugin Author pcescato


    Well, i think you wanna say: You can get for free more things than this paying plugin offers….
    But can you say me why you’re so sweet with this plugin? At least did you tried it?
    If not, you may have a look to this post:

    You are right, I will have a test. But please correct the “free vs paying version” table so we can know what exactly the free version offers.

    Sorry, my Firefox could not show the selection – it worked on Chrome.

    No terms highlight in free version, no Internationalization in free version… Well, I can understand you want to make some money for your work but why people would choose your plugin instead Relevanssi ?

    Second thing: in your comparison test, you don’t explain what option you choose for Relevanssi. If the “AND” query is chosen, I suppose the results will be more like your plugin results. But with Relevanssi the user can choose. And he can search for sentence “contact form 7”.

    The only good point I see – and it’s a VERY good point – is the post indexation. With more than 1600 posts on my personal blog, it’s slow – and I don’t speak about comments – I prefer do not index comments. Well, do your plugin search in comments like Relevanssi do !?!

    My opinon is that you may have a strong engine but you don’t care about the need of the common public. It’s too bad because, as you noticed, there are not a lot of good solutions for WP search.

    Plugin Author pcescato


    I saw picture on canardpc, but I tested my website on two computers (Win / Linux) with all major browsers, and I didn’t have the same problem as you had.

    Internationalization is not needed in free version as strings that have to be translated are in Pro (admin area) and Ultimate versions (admin area & counting). If you need search terms highlighting with a better excerpt, and a counting in google mode, you can either get the Ult. version, either search for plugins which are available on wordpress plugins directory. At least you’ll have more relevant results, and the engine is ok for small blogs or blogs where there’s not a lot of search queries.

    In the other hand, the paid editions (both) offer some enhacements, but not on search itself: search will be faster as it’s stored in session – so you can do twice the search, it will only be performed once, and all searches are stored in a table for a faster use between two blog updates (table is truncated every time a post is added, edited or deleted). The Ult. ed. offer this, and extra as you noticed.

    For test purpose I tried to have the most approaching configuration with Relevanssi and my plugin, means AND switching to OR, and I tested AND without switching to OR. Most relevant results where with second option, so I choose it.

    My plugin doesn’t ask for AND / OR choice, as it logic is: first I try a full string search, after I do the same with each term, with AND. And if I’ve no result after that, i finally try a search with OR.
    Some ponderation, and that’s done.

    You say that you can, in Relevanssi, search for a sentence. Right. But as I do not mention that – on my own blog – I use Relevanssi or WP-ISE or WP-Search2, and as visitors don’t care – they just want relevant results – I’ve done the search in the simpliest way, for dummies too.

    For comments, I did’nt include them in search, as I’ve asked a lot of people not involved in blogging or web programming: ‘oh no! when I’m searching on a website and that I come to a post wich contains what I’m searching for only in comments, I return to google immediatly.’ was the global answer. So when I choosed not to search in comments, it was according to normal people, not you and me… When I choosed not to offer many setting options, that was because I tried to have an ‘everybody / lambda visitor’ centric approach on how I built my search engine.

    Well, I suppose you made a good answer to my remarks 🙂 I will probably make a review about your plugin on my WP plugins blog.
    And as you mentioned your plugin is compatible with Better Excerpt and other highlight plugin, it’s a good news for user.

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