• This plugin is brilliant, but for all the wrong reasons.
    Currently running WP – Version – 5.5

    You all know the story, junk bomber-bots cruises the web, see an open comments section: then swoops in and drops their get rich (and other), foul smelling loads right into your unsuspecting core, whereby you have to clean the [spam] out, if the system hasn’t already done so, but you still need to check it anyhow: just in case.

    It’s a pain, am I right?

    The only viable solution that I’ve found to date, (apart from installing junk plugin killers that don’t work), is to close off [all] comments on [all] pages bar one, the contacts page: that I had to monitor constantly, ..

    But not any more, if you select (Button) to load the comments section, then it appears that this Plugin hides the WP comments-open-letter-box from the bomber-bots, which is brilliant.

    Now I’m not saying that the junk-Bots can’t evolve: they probably will, but currently, the automatic spam scripts can’t press a button to open their bomb-bays with their stinking deposits, .. Oh’ happy days: no junk mail for over a week now.

    I can highly recommend the lazy loading plugin, but as I say: for all the wrong reasons.
    Hope it helps.

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