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  • This plugin helps me manage my schedule between posting to my blog and to Steemit. But there are some formatting issues from time to time, especially with video or animated gifs. I’ve had to correct them in Steemit after posting.

    Those aren’t a big deal though. The bigger issue is that they set themselves as a 15% beneficiary. The reason why that’s an issue is it isn’t stated anywhere. I only saw it after I got a Curie vote and didn’t get as much as I thought I should. I looked on Steemworld and saw how they had taken the 15%.

    The thing is, I don’t mind supporting a good product BUT I want to be told how it works. If it is written anywhere on the plugin description or on the settings or wherever, I can’t find it. Something like this should be big and bold so there’s no confusion or hard feelings.

    I’d rather it were a slider for support too. Some might give 0% but others might like it so much they give 50% – you never know! But in any case, developers please make the beneficiary setting very obvious to anyone before they download it, and also make sure it’s clear in the plugin info after installation.

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