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  • Randy King


    This is a great plugin for a REALTOR just getting started. It’s got plenty of features, does a decent job of displaying properties, and has a fair amount of things that you can configure. One of the coolest things that my customer liked were the flags that you could put on property images (e.g. “Pending”, “Investor”, etc. – you define). I got the PRO version right off the bat to have maximum features and flexibility. I thought.

    Ultimately, I had to abandon this plugin and remove it from the site for the following reasons, which were show-stoppers for my customer-broker:

    1. While you can drag-and-drop to re-order fields in the back end, that order is not preserved for the agents. For example, I added counts for Bedrooms and Bathrooms for a 4-unit apartment (so, “Bedrooms Unit 1, Bedrooms Unit 2, Bathrooms Unit 1, Bathrooms Unit 2, etc.). And I had also added some other things like “Garage Stalls” while doing this, so the fields were out of order. When I re-ordered them, it showed up that way for a buyer/seller on the front-end, but fields were all out of order in the back end and it drove the agents nuts. If you give someone the option to re-order fields, then those fields should be re-ordered everywhere the field is used. I was told it was going to be fixed in an update, but it never was.

    2. There is no such thing as a “Broker/Manager User”. The only user role that can edit ALL the properties is the WP site Administrator. This is a very bad thing because you do not want a broker messing with WP plugins or menus or any of the other stuff in the WP dashboard. I tried lots of ways to do this, creating my own specialized role that was a “restricted administrator”, but it did not work. I even tried hacking some of the PHP to no avail. And they were not willing to put this feature in there. If you know how a brokerage works, you know how essential this role would be to the firm, and it would have been trivial to code it at the outset.

    So, in summary, it’s a good start to a decent REALTOR plugin, and the support response is very fast. But for the two major reasons above, my customer asked me to remove it and get something else.

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