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  • I tried to create columns with Gutenberg, because I think, that’s the only thing which is really missing in the classic editor. But my experience was a catastrophe.

    I wanted to create three columns with a headline for each column, followed by an image an then some text. It was impossible. First it’s not possible to put images in this columns, you can just put text in it. That’s crazy, because for just text I don’t need columns, I can design this with pure CSS. So I created a gallery for the three images and placed at first a block with gallery in my post. It was not possible to change the size of the images in my gallery, why is this not possible?
    Then I created the tree columns with the text columns element. After putting some content in the columns, the block broke down showing a message “This block has encountered an error and cannot be previewed.”

    I tried a litte bit more. Every time I changed the number of columns the error occurred. So is it only possible to create two columns?

    So, please don’t put Gutenberg in core, it’s terrible!!!!

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  • Apparently, the columns feature is only for text by design, not images or other content, which I find baffling, to be honest. It’s the only feature that would make Gutenberg worthwhile.

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    Plugin Author Tammie Lister


    Right now as you both have discovered the text columns in Gutenberg are just that, text based. One thing coming really soon is the notion of nested blocks. This is where things like images + text in a block and other layout formats begin to happen.

    The path nested blocks sets us on then travels further with the work being done in the Customization focus next. That will be after April.

    You rightly say that you can’t change the image size like you can in WordPress today. I couldn’t find an issue for that so I’ve made one:



    Thank you Tammie for you answer and for making the problem with the gallery an issue.

    I understand that nested blocks and other features are coming sometime in the future. But how can theme and plugin developers deal with Gutenberg being part of WorPress 5.0 but major parts of the plugin are not working correctly?

    And there ist still the problem with my attempts of creating columns which all resulted in the error message “This block has encountered an error and cannot be previewed.”

    To be honest, I expect some big earthquakes followed by a tsunami for thousands of websites when you put Gutenberg in core already with WordPress 5. Gutenberg seems to be very far away from ready!

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    @marius L. J.

    Very sorry, i didn’t notice that this was an old post, since it was near the top of the list of topics. And maybe i somehow got on the wrong post, because the title is familiar, but nothing else. Looking at this thread now i don’t see any reason why i’d want to reply to it.

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