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[Resolved] ITRO WP plugin does not show up on website/pages I selected

  • Hi,

    Firstly, thanks so much for putting in the time into making this plugin free.

    I just downloaded it to my WP site, adjusted the settings to make the popup. It looks great. I can preview it (http://www.snugessentials.com/itro-preview/) but it never actually shows up on the pages I want it to.

    I have tried to make the popup appear on all pages or just a selected few, and I still have the problem.

    I am using a Pagelines theme with Woocommerce e-commerce plugin. Other plugins i’m using are: Jetpack, Pagelines Sections, Regenerate Thumbnails, WooCommerce menu Cart, WooDojo and WP Hide Post.

    Thanks in advance for the help.


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  • Plugin Author ITRO Team


    Hello, thank you for your compliments! Your site and activity is very nice, and we hope to solve your problem, we are working on it.


    Thanks for the swift reply.

    Plugin Author ITRO Team


    Please can you try this? Beta version


    Thanks so much for taking the time to help my specific problem. Kudos to your team and you.

    Just tested it. It’s working now when I select “All Pages”. However, when I select to show the popup on “only selected pages” it works only on my ‘About Us’, ‘Contact Form’, the ‘Home’ page and ‘Cart’ page only. It won’t work on my ‘Blog’ page or on my ‘Shop’ page. I really need it for my ‘Shop’ page. I can’t figure out why.

    It works on the e-commerce page ‘cart’ but not on the ‘shop’ page.
    When I select to show the popup on “All Pages” it does really work on “All pages”.

    I don’t see any plugin interference, but i’m not a coder, so could just be me and my low skill.

    thx again

    Plugin Author ITRO Team


    Well, maybe that the problem is the hook wp_head or wp_footer due to different templates. We are trying a different way to display the popup which will resolve all this problem. Will be ready in few day.
    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Wow fantastic.

    I will try this in a few days. Too busy today and tomorrow will not have computer access.

    Thanks a lot

    Hi there,

    So I tried this version and your new version (4.3) both still give me the same problem. Won’t work on my ‘shop‘ page.

    Again, it still works on the ‘shop’ page if i select to show the popup on all my pages. I really like your popup. Help. I’m going ahead anyway and giving you guys a 5 star rating.


    Plugin Author ITRO Team


    Hello so sorry for your trouble! We are trying to find a solution. Please can you email us some information?
    -WP version
    -Active template and plugins

    Via email we can comunicate and find a solution faster.

    Thank you very much for your five stars review! Maybe that for now we can find a custom solution for you site.

    ITRO Support: support.itro@live.com

    Plugin Author ITRO Team


    are there any news?


    Sorry much have missed the last reply from you.
    Sending you e-mail now.


    Problem SOLVED!

    thx guys

    Plugin Author ITRO Team


    Today we release the new official version with the fix. Thank you for your cooperation and review!

    What’s thsi about a header/footer problem with the theme? I’m wondering if that’s my trouble. I’ve just got a html page I made and split up to replace the files in a default WP install (2012 probably) so I might be missing something that calls this plugin. It’s not working at all for me.

    http://www.doopensource.com/about/ is the only page I’ve got it set up to run on at the moment.

    Plugin Author ITRO Team


    please can you open a new thread or send an email to support.itro@live.com the following information?
    – WP version
    – Active theme and plugins
    Thanks for your cooperation.

    I sent an email. Thanks.

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