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    Hello…Please I need help!…It seems iThemes Security blocked my IP address after I was fixing some 404 errors links found on Google Webmaster tools…I dont know if its because I kept clicking each one to review or what…but im now Blocked….when i go to the site I get a 403 Forbidden error.

    I was able to FTP into my .htaccess file..and I do see my IP address listed there being denied access..iThemes Security has it under a comment saying: “# Quick ban IP. Will be updated on next formal rules save.”

    Can someone please help guide me through the best & safest way to remove my IP from being blocked?….

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • @wpdragon

    Is this happening while using the iTSec plugin 5.5.0 release ?

    I’m particularly asking about the plugin release you are using because as of the 5.4.x (or higher) release your IP is automatically whitelisted …



    Hmm, i dont think its the 5.5.0 release…it could be the one prior to that one…unfortunately, i dont recall and currently unable to access to find out.. 🙁


    You can find the plugin version in the following file:




    Thanks…I checked and it seems its still on version: 5.3.7


    Ok, that explains.

    Manually remove the following section from the .htaccess file:

    # BEGIN iThemes Security – Do not modify or remove this line
    # iThemes Security Config Details: 2
    # Quick ban IP. Will be updated on next formal rules save.

    # END iThemes Security – Do not modify or remove this line

    Make sure to remove ONLY the section which includes blocking your IP.
    There may be multiple of these Quick Ban sections for different IP addresses in the .htaccess file.

    The above modification should allow you to access the site again.

    Expect additional instructions for removing your IP from the Banned Users section.

    Last thing we’ll do is whitelist your IP as a preventive measure 😉



    Wow, great…I removed the section you said above and it worked!…I now have access to the site.

    Any other necessary steps? 🙂


    Yup, next log into Admin Dashboard.
    Navigate to the Security->Settings menu option.
    Goto the Banned Users section.
    If the Enable ban users checkbox is unticked, tick it and then remove your IP address from the Ban Hosts field.
    Then click on the Save All Changes button.

    Finally click on the iTSec plugin Dashboard tab and click on the Temporarily Whitelist my IP button.


    Before deciding to update to the iTSec plugin 5.5.0 release read this.



    Perfect!…I followed your detailed instructions and it looks like it worked out great!…Thank you for all your help & fast responses through this process – i really appreciate it! 🙂

    As for iTSec 5.5.0 — im actually still on wordpress 4.4.3…is this version of iTSec considered compatible & stable enough on it?


    Ok, great.

    There doesn’t seem to be any info available for that particular combination of versions. Not even on the Developers tab Compatibility sidebar widget. On that same page it does say:

    Requires: 4.1 or higher
    Compatible up to: 4.5.2

    So it will probably work fine but it might be best to set up a 4.4.3 test env first to find out.

    Anyway if you agree please mark this topic as ‘resolved’.



    Oh, okay..Thanks again for your help!

    I have a same problem, I was in a massive attack by unknown people around the globe, so I baned there IP adress. I also put 1 attempt login only and 500000minutes lock out. But I was confuse because after I login to our website, I cant log in and it has banned me. ? and told me that to many log in attempts, site lock out, what should I do?
    I also Put it in away mode gor 22hours




    I can not enter the page or even see the blog

    The message that appears is

    Sorry, your request can not be accepted.

    How can I solve that?

    Thanks and kind regards




    This is not an iTSec plugin error msg. Are you perhaps using the IP Geo Block plugin ?

    Anyway this topic has been marked as resolved.
    If you do find an iTSec plugin issue please create a new topic.

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