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    I discovered recently that the WordPress scheduler of my site apparently stopped functioning in mid-January. Since then, automated tasks will queue, but won’t kick off, including backups and cache refreshing. (The site still has traffic, so that isn’t the issue.)

    In attempting to troubleshoot this problem, I found that deactivating iThemes Security allowed the scheduler to immediately start functioning again. (As soon as I deactivated the plugin, scheduled tasks started kicking off.)

    I’m not sure why this is happening — previously, iThemes Security seemed to coexist with the scheduler without issue and if I recall correctly, the point where the scheduler stopped working (January 12) was several weeks after the previous iThemes Security update. (I did not have any other plugin or core updates that coincided with the scheduler ceasing to function.) I am using the latest version of iThemes Security. 4.6.6.

    Prior to troubleshooting the plugins, I reinstalled all the core WordPress files, including wp-cron, so the versions I have are fresh copies from

    Any ideas why this is happening and how I can prevent the problem without removing iThemes Security? I like the security the plugin provides and I would hate to lose it.


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  • That’s really interesting, as my wp-cron stopped working around then as well and I had to set up a cron on the server. I will see if disabling iThemes brings the internal cron back to life.

    Any updates so far? One of my client has exactly the same issue.

    I wish I knew. The problem persisted for several days. I briefly resigned myself to having to back up manually for a while until I could figure out a way to fire wp-cron manually via cron job, but then the problem mysteriously resolved itself. I don’t know any more about why it resolved than about why it happened in the first place, I’m afraid — I wish I did!

    Same problem here, also I receive a lot of blank pages when using iThemes Security plugin…

    Found this:

    “The’s blacklist disables the wget user agent. You can disable the blacklist or copy it from and add it manually after removing the list blocking wget, or you can use curl instead of wget, as it is not blocked.”

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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