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  • In the wp-admin editor, like “Add New Post” for example, there are a number of features in WordPress that may add a new section that’s supposed to go at the bottom of the Editing area. This was fine in older WordPress, but with Gutenberg, a number of these now migrated to the right-hand panel and are shown as “Document” settings. I’m talking about things like the document’s “Excerpt” – don’t know what they are properly called.

    With several of these plugins, they now correctly display on the panel, while others probably have some sort of old coding and display at the bottom of the edit screen, at the very bottom of the editor. Some examples of this include Jetpack (if you have some of the settings turned on), Related ( and LifterLMS (

    However, with OnePress installed and activated, they display halfway down the page, if there is a lot of content. Basically they’ll show at the bottom of the page, if you have less than a screen’s worth of content, but if you have several thousand words, then this section will display in fixed position, overtop of the content.

    At first I thought this was a plugin conflict of some variety, but (1) the issue isn’t limited to just one plugin and (2) I tried deactivating all of them and the issue persisted.

    Then, I tried switching my theme to Twenty Nineteen, and the issue disappeared. So I can only conclude that it’s a theme issue.

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