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    My dear dear friends, please help and old lady here who has invested so much time this it ain’t funny. 🙂

    I customized this theme (took me hours) to match the main website.
    It used to be rockinminimalist black from Cory Miller.

    Upon examination of the code it seemed like the best one to use to match, since it’s just a header replacement and colors, right? It had the nice 3-column layout… looked very simple.

    It seemed quite easy to get the header graphic and background in, then the nice nav bar graphic I decided to try.

    Maybe I went overboard putting in the links to the main site across the top? I could not get the words to center vertically so I made a 35px table and it worked against the 40px #menu, could that be the problem?

    Anyway, the problem is all the stuff works except NOT in the right hand column. Search works on SOME pages which is what baffles me. If I put two links in the blogroll, the first one won’t work no matter what it is!!!!!!!! This is mind boggling.

    Basically links are #000066, hover is #339933 w/#ffffcc background, and visited are #ff6600. All the others work on the left and middle, but not the ones on the right…

    I have used NO widgets and don’t intend to, but wish the right sidebar problem could be solved so that I could get on with it.


    And made to match handcoded site at (not public yet)

    Praying all my work was not lost and I can use this!


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  • Bad code.
    Your content div is set for 0 (zero) right margin… so it extends to the infinitum and “covering” your sidebar, overlapping it.

    Well that is not something I touched at all!
    Also, that isn’t the problem, the links don’t work.
    How does it affect that?

    WHAT SHOULD IT be set to?

    OK I notice the left side is 233 so I set the right to match and guess what????????????

    IT WORKED – SO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you so much :-*

    I woujld love to make this fixed width, but I can’t figure out how I would do that in the code. That bad code was from the original so I had no idea where to look to fix it.

    I am not good at writing CSS, but I do know where I can alter it that won’t hurt. And I know I did not alter that one.

    The graphic was like 965px but other than the 233 adn 440 for the sidebars and middle sections, there is nothing that makes it stay put at that size that I can see?

    I’m seeing a lot of other stuff too… like the word Search is an h2/h2 but then he has a br/ after it, which is NOT needed because h’s have their own ‘space’ already designated into the tag. 🙂

    I was able to tighten up that space by removing the br/

    See I do know something LOL

    Thank you for marking this thread solved.

    Not only was it fixed, I also figured out how to make dividers that I wanted so it shows the three columns more distinctly!

    *It should be noted this was a bug in rockinminimalist black because that code was in the original theme.

    The Taxpayers of NH Thank You!


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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