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    I’m having an issue with items displaying off-kilter and under one another. The User Name and Password fields are on one line, the checkbox is down on the next line, remember me is below that, then the login button is even below that.

    Through editing of the out.php file I was able to remove some “span” code and a line break that got the remember me on the same line as the username and password input boxes, but I can’t for the life of me ascertain what I need to to get the check box and login button on the same line.

    Does anyone have any ideas for solutions to get everything on the same line as it appears in the screenshots?

    webpage in question is at

    Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered!

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  • Hey! I saw you commented on the post I wrote. To fix this issue I edited out.php in the widgets folder. I removed line 72- <div style=”clear: both;”></div>. Also to get ‘Remember Me’ on the same line I removed the break on line 40. It’s all working now. Hope this helps.

    Thanks for the reply! I should have been more specific. My theme isn’t really conducive to the widget as it can only be placed in the footer. As such, I’m using the [wplb] short code. I didn’t realize there were 2 out.php files.

    I believe the one I’ll need to edit is wp-login-box/out.php

    Unfortunately, no <div style=”clear: both;”></div> in that one. 🙁

    Well, after hours of fiddling, I ended up needing to completely get rid of the <div id=’wplb.wrap’> section in the out.php. This made the log in button take on the color scheme of my theme, which is good. It is, however, still a line below, which I’m okay with.

    Then I edited the classes in the CSS (styles/xxx.css) to attribute to #wplb_main instead of #wplb_wrap for all except #wplb_wrap.wplb_button, which I left alone. I probably could’ve deleted it. From there, I changed the title of #wplb_main.wplb_pass to #wplb_main.wplb_check and deleted the original #wplb_main.wplb_check, also in the CSS. The password input in the out.php attributes to #wplb_main.wplb_field anyway, so the _pass is not needed.

    This was probably an incredibly roundabout way of accomplishing my goal, but it seems to have worked.

    What a mess…

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