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  • as an extremely new wp user…
    for some reason, the links and other things i have on my site, beside the main blog area, don’t show up on the index page. but then…when you click on “comments”…they’re there! it boggles the mind. any help?

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  • Raelene,
    If you could post a link to your site, it may help someone discover the exact problem and then you can be provided the solution.

    there is a link in the profile.

    alright. i tried setting it up again and used during the config. no trailing / no tagged on index.php. is that right? anyway, it gets more interesting. everything shows up when i click on comments, as well as when there’s only one post in the blog. what am i doing wrong?

    hahha!! you wouldn’t believe what fixed it. i just put the div for my sidebar before the div with the posts, instead of after. and it works! weird. but it’s all good now, so i really shouldn’t be complaining.

    Great! I’m glad you fixed it! Yeah, those div’s will do it sometimes.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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