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  • Hi there,

    Awesome plugin!

    But when the element gets sticky and reaches the end of the sticky part, it begins to shake in chrome: (it’s a video showing the issue).

    The page is here:

    Is there any way to fix this? It does not happen when I use the legacy mode, but I would prefer to use the normal one.

    Thank you!

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  • Thread Starter Zoker


    No answer? :/

    Hi! Thanks for trying my plugin. 🙂

    Apologies for the delay in responding. Would you be able to enable the plugin again so I can see what might be the issue in the code? If you can, please enable Debug mode in the plugin, which will help me debug it a little better.

    Thread Starter Zoker


    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the response 🙂

    The plugin is actually still active (at the linked page), I did not deactivate it or anything. Also, I turned on the debug mode (Note: The issue is only in chrome not in Firefox, for whatever reason…)

    You’re right — I can see that the plugin is still active, but I don’t see anything become sticky.

    There is a Javascript error related to the Convertfox chat tool however, so it’s possible that that is blocking my plugin from working correctly now. Any chance you can disable that so I can look into the issue with my plugin?

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    It seems like convertfox changed something in their javascript code. I fixed it. Now the whole text in the left column should be sticky again.

    Hello Zoker and Mark!

    I’m sorry to answer in this post, but I think I have the same problem as Zoker.

    On my website, when the “pusher” element pushes up the sticky column, the screen flutters and goes up in fits and starts. Trembles a lot, and even the sticky element goes out of space.

    Could you help me? Thank you very much!!!!

    There you have a video when you can check it:

    Hey Zoker, I checked your site and I would like to tell you something.

    I’m not coder, maybe my comment have no sense, but I’m trying it:

    When I reduce the zoom in Google Chrome to 90%, 80%, 70%, the sticky element in your site stop shaking. It means something for you???

    Luck with your site, you have done a very nice design!

    Thread Starter Zoker


    Hey Orisonmusic,

    Hmm yes you’re right, it stops shaking when resizing the window. That’s very strange.
    It seems like a javascript recalculation, which causes another recalculation and so on.

    I’m looking forward what Mark finds out, now that (hopefully) he can debug the sticky element.

    Thank you very much, since it’s my own website I put a lot of effort into it 🙂

    Hi Zoker!

    I will wait for the Mark answer. I’m a little desesperate. I don’t know if you have seen the video I post, but the shaking is strong when I scroll up :(.

    I’m in the same position than you. I’m working in my own website and I’m a little obsessed!

    Good luck and see you in the next reply!

    @zoker — I still see a Convertfox Javascript error, and I don’t see the left column go sticky. Can you check this please?

    @frangonzalezwp — I’m not able to fully diagnose this issue from a video (I would need to see the site itself so I can see the code) but this has likely to do with the fact that your element has a transition property applied to it somewhere in the CSS.

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    Thread Starter Zoker


    Hi Mark,

    I removed the convertfox script completely. Please check again.

    Thanks. My plugin is working now, but I don’t see this issue happening on my end.

    Does it only start shaking once the footer pushes it up again, or only when you scroll all the way to the bottom? Does it shake when you use any browser size (or does it go away if you resize the browser a little smaller, or larger)?

    Also, is this on a Mac or Windows?

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    Thread Starter Zoker


    It starts when the footer pushes it up.
    No it does not shake with any browser size, when I resize it, it’s mostly gone.
    Only in fullscreen or for example 1406px width.

    I’m on windows

    I’m still not able to reproduce this issue. I have tried it on three different computers (all Windows), in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

    Can you try it on a different computer and see if that makes any difference?



    I have the same problem but it’s not due to your plugin because I don’t have it. But this is the only thread I can find in that addresses this issue. I’ve had this problem for about six months…kept hoping it would go away with updates. It only shakes when I scroll down below the text input area. Can anyone please help?!

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