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    I ship my products to two countries. I set up Standart tax rate for both. 20% tax for Austria and 19% tax for Germany.
    When i change the country on my checkout page from Austria (Base Country) to Germany the tax rate gets calculated
    from 20% to 19% and my order review gets update automatically.

    BUT: The prices of my items also changes? For example: i set up a item with 55 euro (incl. tax) – this item price changes to 54.54 euro.
    The item prices should stay the same. It is the same with the sub total price and the total price – they should also stay the same!
    The order review should only change the tax amount in the brakets and not the prices for the items and totals… Any solution for this Problem? I think i tried all backend settings…

    Please look at the two images:

    Thank you so much and best regards

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  • James Koster



    Perhaps I’m misunderstanding, but how can the prices stay the same when the tax changes by 1%?

    Tax is additional to the product price, so in this case there will always be a 1% difference in price.

    You can read more about setting up tax in WooCommerce here.

    Also please note that you might be better off posting this on the WooCommerce forum. This forum is for getting help with the Storefront theme.





    the sales price to the end consumer should stay the same – it should only changes the included tax. Thats ok – all e-commerce site sell their good the same way in austria and germany. Now its confusing fot the customer. For example, 90% of my customers are from germany. I set up my base shop country to germany – but im located in Austria. Then:

    A Austrian customer shops online – see the german prices with 19% tax – than he goes to the checkout and changes the country to austria – and BOOM he sees the prices increasing by 1% – Thats not funny…

    There must be a fix for this – i cant figure it out. I already posted it on the woo plugin forum – but no response. If you can help me out – this would be awesome!

    best regards

    James Koster


    The tax is different, so the price is going to be different. You can’t have a different tax rate and expect the price stay the same, that doesn’t make mathematical sense.

    The only suggestion I can think is to display prices excluding tax, that way folks will expect the price to increase by their local tax rate when they go to checkout.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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