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  • Hi people,
    there are some wrong translation in eventorganiser-it_IT.po.
    Here the required changes.
    Can someone update it?

    I’ll post here eventually new corrections.

    Thank you,

    msgid “Venues
    msgstr “Luoghi” //and not “Loghi” (that means otherwise Logos). There are multiple occurence of this translation, some right and one wrong.

    msgid “Add New Venue
    msgstr “Aggiungi un nuovo luogo” //Instead of Aggiungi una nuova luogo

    msgid “Set permissions for events and venue management
    msgstr “Imposta i permessi per la gestione degli eventi e dei luoghi” // Better that “Setta” that sound nerdy

    msgid “on
    msgstr “il” // “su” is the literal translation, wrong in this case

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  • Cheers inlate, I’ll add this in for 1.6.

    In future if you could email me corrected po/mo files (email is at the top of event-organiser.php) that would be easier :).

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