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    It works fine, but there is a problem with links I put in widgets manually.
    It’s crucial to keep them http, as some resources still don’t work with https.
    But Remove HTTP removes http and these links just stop working.
    Would be nice to have a fix.

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  • Plugin Author Fact Maven


    Thanks for contacting us. TO help us understand better, please elaborate with the “links [that you] put in widgets manually.” A screenshot will help as well.

    Plugin Author Fact Maven


    This issue has been fixed in the latest update (v1.0.2).

    There are http links on post pictures now, and they don’t show until mixed content allowed.
    But nothing changed with links in widgets
    Could you please look at the website

    Plugin Author Fact Maven


    If I understand correctly, you don’t want to have the http: links removed? Only https:? For example:


    Will now be:


    Not exactly.
    I want protocol removed for links to my own domain (both http and https) and may be https removed for external links. But http for external links should not be changed.
    For example: -> // -> // -> // or (what you think is better) ->

    Plugin Contributor Ethan Jinks O’Sullivan


    At the moment, this feature isn’t added. However, this is something we can definitely implement in our next update by providing an option for it.

    May you explain the reason why you want only your website links to have the HTTP/S protocols removed and not the external links as well?

    Sure. Because I have some external links which are only available by http, not https. And actually I can be sure only about my own site’s links.

    Plugin Author Fact Maven


    We just pushed our latest update (v1.1.0) which includes an option to apply to internal links only:

    View post on

    Let us know what you think.

    One more thing. There are links to post images that look like this:

    srcset=" 518w, 150w, 298w, 100w"

    These are not working, so pictures are not shown. Actually you may just change ‘|src|action|’ to ‘|src|srcset|action|’.
    I actually haven’t check all the site, if you don’t mind, I will check later and let you know

    Oh! And pistures from Gravatar are not shown, so as future release feature would be nice to have whitelist for domains allowed to rewrite protocol for. It’s just a thinking )

    Plugin Author Fact Maven


    After performing tests on our end, Gravatar picture still work. Please disable any other plugins that you are running to narrow down which one is causing that issue.

    We will look into removing the protocols from the srcset tag. For now, I will close this ticket since the initial request has been added.


    Plugin Author Fact Maven


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    About gravatar links. They look like this:


    And whole the picture looks like this:

    <img alt="" src="" srcset=" 2x" class="avatar avatar-50 photo" height="50" width="50">

    May be it will help somehow. I didn’t find any plugins that could affect Gravatar links yet.
    P.S.: Visual Editor doesn’t work until mixed content allowed, but it’s not really important, visitors don’t see it. I believe you will fix it future releases some day.
    Thank you for what you do, guys.

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