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  • We purchased this plugin two years ago, been using since. We purchased add-ons as well. The ad-ons stopped working after an update, we contacted dev and was fixed. Now once again no ad on functions, but they will not reply to my emails.
    I have noticed they are now charging a very high monthly fee for ‘premium’ service… perhaps this answers why they wont cont us now ? The thing is- WE PAID for it… it should work- period, as we need the function of the ad-on. Very poor of the company to leave us in dark- hence poor rating

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    StoreLocatorPlus (SLP) for WordPress is a free plug-in. Not sure what you purchased 2 years ago, but it wasn’t the SLP plug-in, which these reviews are intended to be based on. Please limit your review to the free basic SLP plug-on.

    So that people are not confused, we do not have any “monthly fee” plans for anything under this WP plug-in. There are some add-ons that can be purchased and they work with the same version in place at time of purchase Due to changes in technology, the developer may utilize new features and WP best practices to improve efficiency and processes with the plug-in. SLP does not auto-update so you never are required to update the free base version. You can always downgrade to an earlier version of the base plug-in if compatibility is an issue. See our SLP documentation

    You say you have sent emails but without your info we have no way of checking on this. All emails are answered within 3 to 5 business days. I am pretty sure the system is working, but to ensure the contact us support form is working properly we need your email address. The best way to obtain help is through the main website forums.

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    As we communicated multiple times you can DOWNGRADE Store Locator Plus to any one of the older releases that are compatible with your one-time $30 add on purchase you made 2 years ago. This costs you NOTHING.

    If you want to use the latest version of the FREE plugin with over 300 improvements in performance as well as new features you must replace your outdated $30 purchase with a newer product. As we noted in our readme files, blog posts, Twitter feed, Facebook feed, RSS feeds, and news articles for over 18 months some of the paid add ons would stop working within a year in order to realize the numerous performance gains in the FREE base product.

    You claim you are left in the dark but we have communicated this many times. You are leaving 1-star review because you are unhappy that your one-time $30 purchase over 2 years ago doesn’t work forever with the latest version of the product.

    The $300 stereo I bought for my car 5 years ago does not work with the latest model of the same exact car this year. Should I be mad at the car manufacturer for making a better car and making my $300 stereo useless? How dare they! Maybe I should leave them a 1-star review about their new car.

    In the meantime, downgrade your FREE Store Locator Plus product back to the version 4.4 release and do not upgrade it and you will keep the full $30 worth of functionality of your paid add on.

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