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  • I have used Squirrly for almost 2 full long years of grueling lack of support and issues. I only kept it as long as I did because I paid so much for it…it was THEE most expensive plugin I’ve invested in…and also the worst money I’ve spent on my sites.
    Literally each and every time I contacted support I got one of two answers…all after waiting 3- 7 days to receive on the initial response…Squirrly doesn’t support that feature, OR we feel that Squirrly meets the needs of our customers by performing the way it does. NEVER once did they ever ONCE correct anything I asked them to.
    What kind of PREMIUM SEO doesn’t have a no index no follow feature? REALLY?
    This plugin was NOT compatible with many of my other plugins…all of the OTHER plugin authors worked their tails off to make their stuff revolve around Squirrly…thanks to them, my sites have done well.
    I just recently switched to Yoast FREE SEO plugin…and it runs circles around Squirrly…AND even better, after deleting Squirrly from my data base my site is now 1 FULL SECOND FASTER than it used to be…and that was the difference from Squirrly being deactivated to DELETED completely…
    I gave them almost 2 years to provide the support they should have and to improve it up to the standards of Yoast FREE SEO plugin…and still no luck.

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