• This service provides several “Setup” types, including “WordPress Setup”, “Typical setup”, etc. I first tried “WordPress Setup”, but it turned out that I cannot insert “Subscribe” buttons manually (where I need them in my blog pages). The only option was to use a ready-baked, always-visible, fixed-appearance “Bell” icon staying in the lower right of the screen.

    That didn’t suit me so I went back and picked the “Typical setup”. It was reasonably easy to set up, except that the relevant OneSignal documentation was a bit overwhelming and confusing to me, honestly.

    One thing the documentation didn’t mention is that I had to disable the OneSignal WP plugin if I want the “Typical setup” thing. Otherwise things were broken, with no good error message.

    Now I have the “Typical setup” working, but apparently that doesn’t let me auto-send notifications whenever I write a new WP blogpost. I guess I’ll be doing this manually.

    Overall, setting all this up wasn’t a smooth experience (though I got through it in about 3 or 4 hours which is okay).

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