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  • Similar to other free GDPR plugins, WP GDPR Compliance lacks much-needed features such as the ability to:

    1. Re-ordering of Consents OR structured like CookieBot
    2. Unable to disallow visitors from click “Enable” button to disable Strictly Functional Cookies
    3. Placement of script option does not allow scripts to be placed right after <head> or <footer>


    1. FREE as in pro-bono
    2. Is sufficient for basic websites
    3. Again, it’s free and does what it needs to


    1. Basic
    2. Not optimal for bloggers and ecommerce owners when dealing with pixel and code tracking without tech literacy
    3. A paid gdpr plugin between $19-$29 will save you more time and headache
    4. Documentation is not the best and expectation on who WP GDPR is for and what level of technical level is required is not clear

    BUT if you really can’t go with paid options, this GDPR plugin might be your best bet. Once developers and contributors decide to include features beyond bare minimum (even if they charge a premium), I think people like myself don’t mind upgrading from the basic free option. For now, I can only go with the paid route.

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