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  • Firstly, I hate to rate free plugins poorly as I really appreciate the effort people put in but I must be honest and I hope my opinion will help others.

    My business is not complex enough to warrant buying the WooCommerce Table Rates plugin and I was previously using the AWD Weight and Country based shipping plugin, which was simple and worked perfectly for me, but sadly that plugin is not compatible with the latest WooCommerce.

    I was hoping this plugin would be a viable alternative, but unfortunately it is overly simplistic. It only offers a universal price-per-gram shipping model; the bare minimum I need is to be able to set different rates for different weight bands across several different international zones. I don’t see how any business could set this plugin up to accurately give postage costs, even if you don’t ship internationally. This plugin would be much better with user-definable weight bands and the option of multiple shipping zones with user-definable countries within each zone. I hope it will be upgraded and become an indispensable tool for Woo Commerce! 🙂

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  • Plugin Author Dan


    Hi, harryduns!

    Thank you for your feedback. I’ll think about plugin improvement. Could you provide an example use case or two? That would help me to understand better what you need to be implemented.

    Also I think it’s not correct to rate plugin poorly just because it’s not suitable for you. Poor rating should indicate problems with the plugin like bugs or something similar. It also frustrating me very much. I spend my time for free and then I receive 2 stars for no reason. Don’t get me wrong.

    In my case I wish to add three options to shipping:-

    Free Economy



    Notes to above, predominantly Royal Mail large letter size with a sprinkling of small parcels and the odd one over a kilo. I use 2nd class free, 1st class standard and Special delivery express moving to carrier services for weights normally above 1kg.

    Royal mail is complex with odd and large breaks making any system not using their rate tables nigh on impossible to cater for.

    Based on that I cannot use your product to plug all. I cannot use Woocommerce rates to solve all either. But with a little thinking using a minimum handling fee and rate per kilo for express, your product is under my minimum cost rate by 8p, 25p over on the 1kg rate and spot on on the 2kg rate with mixed blessing in between. So for plugging one hole I am very happy.

    To improve this product from my personal perspective (accepting everyone has a different problem to solve) at its simplest, you would need to duplicate what you have a number of times (or be able to enable as needed). This way at least your rate system could be used for different catagories in my case perhaps 1st and 2nd class and my existing express.

    AWD which I also use allows you to set a weight, price and group but is also far more complex to set up at the start.

    Hope this gets your thought flowing ;o)

    Hi Dan,

    Sorry for the low rating, but the rating system here says 2/5 is for ‘it works’ and 3/5 is ‘good’, so at this stage I feel I cannot rate it higher. I understand and appreciate you have put hard work into it, but in its current form I don’t think it’d be useful to any business, even very simple ones, as no postal system I know of works the way you have it set up.

    For example, here in the UK, ignoring dimensions and only going by weight, domestic mail is graded like this:

    0-100g £0.90
    101-250g £1.10
    251-500g £1.40
    501-750g £2.30
    750g-1kg £3.00
    1kg-2kg £6.85
    2kg-5kg £15.10

    I don’t think a per-gram model can give me postage costs that are accurately matchedto this structure, and that’s just domestic mail. The bare minimum I personally require is being able to charge by weight band as above, with additional options for setting up similar weight bands for three different international zones! It would be even better to be able to add extra charges for signed for delivery etc, but I understand that’s complicated.

    I have discovered another plugin that does exactly what I want and is also free, so I’ll be using that for now, but if you do expand your plugin I’ll happily test it again and raise my rating accordingly. Best of luck with the plugin going forward, I do really appreciate that you took the time to respond and I really hope your plugin will be a success.

    I considered it more and I have raised my rating to 3 as I want to encourage you and don’t want you to feel bad 🙂 I really hope this plugin can grow and become an excellent tool for the Woo Commerce community, and I do really appreciate the work of free plugin coders!

    Plugin Author Dan


    Thank you guys for explanation. I’ll take this into account when I’ll have some time to extend plugin.

    There is a solution for this problem. You can set shipping fee to 0, and instead of that set handling fee to £0.90 for all products 0-100g. That’s how shipping rates will be fixed.

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