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  • Hi:

    I was testing the pluging with the Storefront theme and it works for what is intended: add videos to product gallery linked to images. With major improvements this could be a 5 star plugin, but right now I give it 2 stars for “it works”, because it has issues and this is why:

    1.- plugin replaces the native lightbox of the Storefront theme. Not a main issue, because it works in similar way to the original lightbox, gives image zoom when passing the mouse or at finger tap in mobile, glass magnifier on the corner opens the lighbox gallery with full screen images and some extra tools on the top right corner like download image, share, etc.

    The navigation arrows help to browse images, but here is one issue: when the gallery has no videos, the thumbnails of the images are not showing, just blank thumbnail placeholders of 1×1 gif images (as you can see when right clicking and select open image in new browser tab)

    When product gallery has videos, video thumbnails do appear.
    When product gallery has mix of videos and images, thumbnails of images are blank.

    2.- When you add an image to product gallery, you choose your image from media gallery and put the link to youtube video on the video field and select insert. Until here, everything is fine, except for: the image retains the video link and if you choose the same image on another product, the video keep added along the image :O That’s an issue.

    Link to video get added permanetly to the image, as you can see in the media gallery, unless you delete the link manually image by image. But if you delete the video link, it affects the product that has the image in its gallery. :O

    3.- Video link can’t be edited once added to the gallery, unless you navigate thru your images and browse all your images and then find which was the image you use to link the video… It needs an option to edit the video once added to an image. A I said in point #2, you can delete the link directly in product image gallery but it gets deleted forever even if the image has been attached to a product.

    It would be good to show an icon in media gallery to identify those images with video links so you don’t use it again.

    Besides those issues, is a nice plugin, can’t wait for an update to make it better 🙂


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    Lack of thumbnails in lightbox it’s a conflict with LiteSpeed Cache plugin when media lazy load is active; deactivating this option make the image thumbnails to appear. This do not solve the problem, as sites need lazy load to improve speed.

    Plugin Author WPClever


    Hi @osckar,

    So I’ve been late to reply but I’ve read your review and have reported it to our developers. Our developers are already considering these. There might be improvements in the next update. Let’s stay tuned.

    Thank you for your detailed review.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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