Support » Plugin: SupportCandy » It works as stated, but looks ugly and requires effort put to work well

  • comigo


    Everything happens on one page, and thus browser history doesn’t update: you cannot simply share a link to a colleague, you can’t press the “back” button in your browser, and can’t search for tickets inside your browser. This all results in a poor, crappy workflow.

    The UI is mostly ancient Bootstrap or < tables >, which is hilarious and barely tweakable. Everything gets overridden: your fonts and their size, button/table styles, widgets don’t use existing classes. It doesn’t try to blend into your site, it does the opposite.

    “Reset” button in forms is on the right side (where a “Submit” one is expected to be) and has a different color. You can’t just simply send an issue in one try.

    Days of work and these problems are solved by myself. Am I happy about it? No.

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