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  • It works and it won’t ask you to PAY to disinfect your site, something that 99% of the industry is doing.

    This work is being taking care by a single guy: Eli and he rocks.

    Corporate business, plugins, malware cleaning companies and all the other companies out there should learn a thing or two regarding proper service.

    This service is provided for free with a paid donation to get automatic updates. This means you get to use the system, test it and confirm it works so when you’re ready to pay you actually WANT to pay for it.

    Most other services will allow you to sign in, check your site and show malware but they will lock you in and force you to “pay” to clean it up. Awful business practice, since you cannot test the system, nor it’s useful in any way. They also scam you into sign up like it’s a free service.

    This, is truly free and you’ll be shock to know that even the free service works better than most of paid services out there.

    I was able to clean sites that cannot be cleaned properly. I was paying for a premium subscription to InmmunifyAV for Plesk. I manage a hosting business here. ImmunifyAV it’s worth nothing, it can check, detect and clean a site but it won’t block re-infections, so I’m forced to recheck sites every day and do a clean up every time. I’ve contacted them and they offered me an even more expensive solution, Immunify360 which will block re-infections because it will “protect the server itself”.

    Although the concept is great. it is not so great that they want me to pay for every “user” that I add to the system. Feels like their ImmunifyAV subscription is just a “paid preview” for their full thing.

    Well, guess what. This small plugin rendered the whole ImmunifyAV + Immunify360 subscriptions entirely useless. All the previous sites that were infected on my service are no longer getting infected after I’ve installed this plugin on the sites.

    So. I will completely cancel my ImmunifyAV subscription and I will start paying Eli for his great job. You should do the same.

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