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  • Our old comics website had become dated and it was getting difficult to manage all the content we had on it, so I started looking into WordPress and the different comics themes and plugins that were available. It took a lot of trial and error but what I finally settled on was the Inkblot theme with the Webcomic plugin. This combo works well right out of the box and customizing it is pretty easy (tip: look to the widgets for custom nav buttons.) Once you wrap your head around the workflow, Webcomic pretty much manages scheduling and publishing your comics for you, so you can focus on possibly more important things like actually creating comics.

    It even has a system for monetizing/selling your comics but I haven’t really looked into that part of it yet.

    If I had to pick on one thing, it’s probably the current online documentation. The plugin’s website has good information for getting started but the Webcomic plugin has apparently evolved quite a bit since it came out and I kept running into outdated or conflicting information about it on the web.

    Fortunately, the developer Michael Sisk has been super helpful in explaining the intended workflow and he even showed me how to implement certain tricks I needed for one of our comics (Streams). The Webcomic user community has been pretty helpful too.

    Overall, the Webcomic plugin and Inkblot theme does exactly what I needed it to do for our comics Brudders and Streams, and I’m looking forward to any future Webcomic updates from Mike.

    If anybody is interested, I’m thinking about creating a tutorial explaining how we set up and use Webcomic, and post it on our website If you want to see what we have now, just click on the Comics menus when you get there. Thanks!

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