• This works the same as Migrate Guru, except with a couple exceptions: Migrate Guru you can actually delete the plugin after the migration whereas with this one you can’t (you can only delete it via FTP). The other exception is with Migrate Guru, you have to install the plugin on the target WordPress site and this plugin you just get the key from the DreamHost dashboard. Migrate Guru and this plugin both utilize BlogVault Migration, so they are essentially the same in that regard.

    4 stars because DreamHost made it difficult to delete the plugin after migration.

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  • Thank you for sharing your experience with these migration tools. It seems like both Migrate Guru and the DreamHost plugin have their own unique features and processes, but they both utilize BlogVault Migration, which is a commonality.

    The ability to delete the plugin after migration is indeed a convenient feature of Migrate Guru. On the other hand, the DreamHost plugin seems to offer a simpler setup process by just requiring a key from the DreamHost dashboard.

    It’s unfortunate to hear that you had difficulty deleting the DreamHost plugin after migration. This feedback could be valuable to DreamHost for improving their user experience. Remember, it’s always important to choose the tool that best fits your needs and preferences. 

    This plugin functions similarly to Migrate Guru in utilizing BlogVault Migration for WordPress site transfers, but differs in that it cannot be deleted from the WordPress dashboard after use (only via FTP), and unlike Migrate Guru, it doesn’t require installation on the target site; instead, you retrieve a key from the DreamHost dashboard. It receives 4 stars due to the difficulty in deleting the plugin post-migration.

    For a smoother experience, DreamHost could streamline the plugin deletion process post-migration, similar to Migrate Guru. Additionally, ensuring that the plugin’s functionalities are clearly communicated, especially regarding installation and key retrieval, would enhance user convenience and satisfaction. You can get more information from Official Website if you want.

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