• The free version is very generous and has many advanced features. You can even customize forms using CSS in the free version.

    The only problem I found is that you should avoid creating multiple tabs with the same form, because if you work on one tab and save an old version present in another tab by accident, the current version will be overwritten without notice.

    But that was a very small flaw in a powerful plugin that served me quite well.

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  • Plugin Author Tripetto


    Thanks Marcio! Also for the feedback about the multi tabs of course. We’re aware of that and looking for a way to improve that. Lots of updates coming up, so stay tuned 😎

    Plugin Author Tripetto


    Hi Márcio, just wanted to let you know that today’s update of our plugin (v5) includes a fix for your reported feedback about editing forms in multiple tabs at the same time.

    The plugin will now recognize when you’re editing a form that’s not the latest version. And if that happens gives you the option what you want to do: load the latest version first, or overwrite with the version you are editing at that moment.

    So that will avoid that the wrong version of a form gets saved accidently 😀

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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