• I was thrilled when I first installed it. I loved that it was simple and yet customizable. Super easy to use and just what I wanted.

    But when WordPress updated I could no longer create or edit pages/posts, and this plugin was the culprit. I held off on a poor review because I really did love it and I hoped they would fix the problem. So instead, I went to the support forum linked in the plugin description and explained the problem. No response. I prompted them again, but still no response. It’s been nearly two weeks since I first posted and still nothing.

    It would have been 5 stars. But the fact that updates are not pushed out to fix compatibility issues like this and that their customer service is nonexistent, 1 star. The result is the 2-star rating you see.

    If they fix it I will use it again. But I kind of doubt they will, which is extremely disappointing.

    Despite the reply to this review, the problem was not resolved at the time. One year later (Sept 2021) they reached out to me via email saying they were able to fix the problem. I don’t know if the update took that long or just their reply to my forum thread in GitHub did (it’s the forum they linked to in their plug-in description under “documentation and support”). I’ve reinstalled it today and it works beautifully. I’ve updated my rating to four stars—five for the plug-in, minus one for lackluster customer service.

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    Hi, there. Sorry to hear that you had some issues with Progress Bars. However, I have actually just tested the Latest Progress Bars 1.0.1 on my website with the WordPress 5.5.1 Update and seems to be working fine. Here’s the screenshot: https://d.pr/i/hsDEPM

    So, there has to be something else which is conflicting with our plugin. Have you already checked for plugin conflicts by keeping Progress Bars activated and by deactivating the other plugins one by one? Besides, you can share the screenshot of your browser console so that we can see the error you are getting as well.

    Regarding support, we actually reply within 24 hours usually. By the way, I am not seeing any post of yours in our Support Forum by the way. Can you please share the link so that I can see what happened?

    You can also contact support here and we will investigate and get this issue resolved: support[at]wpdeveloper[dot]net

    Thank you!

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