• The only way to use this plugin now is to go to the Developers link and scroll down the list of previous versions to 9.4, download that, and then install it via an upload.

    Version 10 brought along with it all of this ReadyGraph stuff which I’m sure is great for those people looking to make a bundle on the social networking bandwagon (and the spam bandwagon, because the subscribers’ addresses are apparently “shared” with ReadyGraph, an unknown third party), but pretty lousy for those of us who would just like to be able to send emails of new content to those who opt-in to what they understand/understood to be a “private” list.

    In addition, per the support threads here, the annoyance of the ReadyGraph banner, the tremendous server overhead for cron processing (seemingly even without enabling any of the ReadyGraph stuff) has wreaked havoc on my system, causing me many, many lost hours.

    It would have been great if someone would have just forked the project at 9.4, even if that did not include Matt’s fee-based HTML code, and let the ReadyGraph gang move in their own direction while maintaining the functionality of the 9.4 version, and building on that.

    Anyway, beware of automatic plugin updates. Easiest way to bypass those when manually installing 9.4 is to edit the main class (subscribe2.php) and bump the version number from 9.4 to 99.4, so that it remains untouched.

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  • thanks for the advise, i just installed this plugin and wasn’t sure what was going on with all the ReadyGraph popping up everywhere!

    Did as you said above and hopefully it will work as I need it.. as a simple Subscription form without viewers hating me!

    @lewis Rosenthal,

    Please upgrade to the latest version of the plugin. It allows the banner to be closed permanently and also cron issues have been handled. Please let us know if you have any issues. And please open the Support Thread so that we can help you better.

    @mattbug: You bet. No problem.

    @tanaylakhani: I’m sorry, but your track record isn’t good enough for me to trust that something like this won’t happen again (a new “feature” being thrown at me – initially with no way of disabling it – without enough information being provided as to what it is). As a plugin author myself, I understand the value of a complete beta cycle, and for full disclosure to my audience.

    I suggest that a plugin for ReadyGraph be developed and an option provided in *that* to access the S2 data, not the other way around.

    I absolutely hated giving this once-great plugin a one-star review, believe me. As a plugin author, I hate one-star reviews, as they normally indicate (to me, at least) a distinct lack of willingness on the part of the reviewer to at least contact me for support first. In this case, the whole approach to adding this was so egregious that I can’t see any other way to warn people.

    If I were to review version 9.4 of this plugin, I would give it five stars. It did everything it claimed to do, and the developer support was excellent (and I am not saying that your support isn’t attentive).

    Sadly, I don’t have the time to lose tracking down tremendous resource drains on my server caused by what should be legitimate software. Bugs are bugs; I understand that. However, I don’t see any beta cycle here or any attempt to weed out these issues before rushing to release (and the entire concept of ReadyGraph I find really and truly abhorrent: the ReadyGraph page here at WordPress.org claims “features” such as “Viral Friend Invites” and “Automated Re-engagement Emails,” both of which sound too much like Unsolicited Bulk Email – spam – to me).

    I wish you luck, and hope that this has been a valuable learning experience.

    Thank you so much for your feedback. We have already fixed the issues you addressed regarding 2 way synchronization and cron. Please let us know if anything we can do to help. We are working to make this plugin better.

    We are working to make this plugin better

    In that case, removal of all code related to ReadyGraph would be a great start. As I suggested, have an option in the ReadyGraph plugin to allow access to the data here. Users of ReadyGraph who want to share their subscriber data may then opt-in from that side.

    Once that’s done, the next thing to make this plugin better would be to return to the original author’s paradigm of free for plain text; fee for HTML via a Pro version (and perhaps, support).

    Finally, a pledge, in big, bold letters, with a 100% guarantee on the main plugin page here that never will the current authors allow this plugin itself to trigger sharing of information with any third parties.

    Meet those three objectives, and I would consider changing upgrading and changing my review.

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