• Yup, it’s a functional plugin, it books appointments, it’s pretty easy to design and looks good on the page for site visitors.

    What have you done for me lately?

    I’ve used this plugin for years so it’s disappointing to see features that were once included not be included unless you pay *another* $49/year on top of the already paid $89/year for the pro version.(If you don’t renew, the plugin continues to ‘function’ but of course you no longer get updates–eventually becoming a security risk of course. Oh, and the way it hijacks the admin dashboard, rendering your entire booking plugin non-functional if it thinks you’re not using a licensed version is pretty hilarious too. Go ahead, take out your auth key and try it. Or move it to another site for sandbox before deactivating it on the first site.)

    Oh, and there’s a mountain of other extensions too if you want. Because of course, the base, free version of the plugin will probably not do *quite* everything you’d want or like it to.

    This used to be my number one recommendation for a booking/calendar plugin. I give it two stars still because support is excellent when reaching out –*IF* you’re a paid customer of their pro version(s). I’ve given up on them though and will no longer recommend as they continue extricating features and selling them as add on’s to their already pricey enough pro version of the plugin. I feel like this is a plugin that Woo owns the way it’s been piecemeal’d. Find something else; you’ll be happier.

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