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  • Hence 2 stars. If I would be a new customer, this would be too generous.

    I had so many issues over the 3 years I had been using the Pro-version (Developer license) and their support is very slow to reply whenever there are problems due to updates. And they’re not even beta features but something developers were confident enough to push live.

    The user interface has been very unintuitive since the beginning, the documentation is lacking and assumes the end-user is a developer and knows the perfect syntax for each field, so expect a lot of trial and error. There have been minor fixes to this over time but it’s still not very user-friendly.

    Whenever there’s public feedback, he developer is very condescending towards the users and overly confident with their “happy customers”, which is enough to steer paying users away, but the very slow ticket response time is the primary reason we finally gave up and moved on to a different solution with a better value for the money we have paid for this. And I don’t have spend too much time to figure out why every update results in breaking another site after an update.

    After over 3 years I can confidently say the Pro-version doesn’t offer enough value for its cost and the Lite-version is inferior to many other free caching plugins.

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