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  • Man, your script is great. Please let me know how to implement in on my blog… I’m interested in being able to display my blog in Dutch and Spanish because of my family.

    alpha, just click on the link in the post above. There is a detailed description how to “implement” it… basically it’s a hack.

    Hack is such a ugly word 😉
    Like Moshu told me, there’s a plug-in for translating WordPress ( ), this hack is useful mostly if you intend to have other pages of your site translated. Otherwise, if you only need to get your blog translated, I suggest you go with the plugin.

    Sorry, I didn’t mean it as an “ugly” word 🙂
    It’s just as the gurus say around here – if you have to modify the original code = hack; if you just install it and use it = plugin.
    Actually both solutions are good for what they were intented; I guess having different aims resulted in different approach and different solution.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems that I would have to actually write the post in both languages (or more in my case) in order to have the option to do so…
    I thought the whole point of this was not to have to write an entry two or even three times. Am I missing something? If so, I apologize.

    alpha, I am afraid you are right. This hack doesn’t “translate” your article – actually I don’t know of any software that does an acceptable translation. Believe me, because when I am not blogging I am a linguist trained in translation theory and applied linguistics 🙂
    There was this guy offering their free translation service, but it didn’t work for me… Though you can check it out.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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