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  1. IslandOwl
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Up until 1.5.9 the theme worked but was not a fully responsive theme. Lots of us were using it. Lots of us donated to the developer.

    Then, the developer did a major overhaul of the theme to make it responsive . . . the result is quite "unresponsive"!! The Brunelleschi Options simply do not work!! The theme stays in "Classic" font and none of the other options seem to work either.

    The sad thing is that we have tried to contact the developer; left comments on his home site, have a couple of threads going in the forum and he has remained silent. The theme has been broken since he came out with 1.6.3 in the fall. He now has 1.6.5 out which is equally broken. The guy is young and in college but we notified him of the problems long before winter break and nothing has changed. So sadly, a lot of us are coming on here and leaving reviews to warn people away from this theme!!

  2. gayledelaney
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thank you!!!! I've just started using this beautiful theme and am sorry to give it up. How do we check out the reliability of the author before we put in so much work?

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