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    I was using your plugin for two years, but i had to remove it recently.
    The reason is that at with the plugin active it shows that it loads the root domain twice. It has nothing to do with redirects with www etc.

    Can you reproduce that behavior? I would like to keep using your plugin, which is really helpful.

    Php version 7.0

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  • Hi,

    Where exactly are you seeing this notice on pingdom? Do you have any link that I can check?

    I tried checking a few sites with Pingdom but I didn’t notice any strange behavior.

    Hi Giorgos,

    Take a look at the screenshot. It happens only with slash-admin active.

    From what I can see in the pingdom report, the second call is because you have enabled prefetching/prerendering for some pages. Is there a reason that you consider this a problem?

    Anyway, you can try and disable those options in the “Speed” tab of the plugin. I believe that by doing so, you will stop seeing the second call on pingdom.

    Hi Giorgos,

    Sorry for the late reply. You are correct, i was prefetching the homepage, and after removing it, the issue seems to be solved.

    Thank you for your help.

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