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  • This plugin filters spam very well by blocking comments totally. While testing it, it told me I had disabled JavaScript and Cookies in my browser. Definitely I have not. So this plugin is useless for me. Another user reported this issue before.

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    Hi Totobuvika,

    I’m sorry to hear that you had an issue.

    However, I have to ask, why would you post a negative review without even submitting a support request first?

    The issue you are experiencing is covered in the Troubleshooting Guide and FAQs, along with the causes, and solutions to fix the issue. It’s not an issue with the plugin.

    It is important for all plugin users to read the documentation. Please take a few minutes to work through the Troubleshooting Guide and FAQs, as these solve over 90% of issues users have. (Please be sure to follow all the steps, not just read through them.)

    Please take special note of FAQ 9, as it specifically addresses your issue:
    Q: I think a legitimate user or comment may have been blocked. What’s going on here and what do I do?” Read the full FAQ:

    Excerpt from the FAQ:

    …There could be a plugin conflict that is preventing the plugin from working properly. (Especially if you get a Javascript and Cookies error message when these are enabled.) Obviously we work hard to keep this to a minimum, but it is possible that that it could happen on rare occasion. Please see the Troubleshooting Guide for info on how to test for this… The plugin may be installed incorrectly or there may be an issue with the installation. This would keep the plugin from working properly. (This could also cause a Javascript and Cookies error message similar to previous point.) Please see…

    For the rest of the FAQ, please click here to read it.

    From the Troubleshooting Guide:

    If this message comes up consistently even after JavaScript and cookies are enabled, then there most likely is an installation problem, site configuration issue, plugin conflict, or JavaScript conflict.

    For the rest of the Troubleshooting Guide, please click here to read it.

    If the information provided doesn’t solve the issue for you, we can help you you fix the issue on your site. We’ll need a bit more info from you on the specifics, and will need to email back and forth, so please head over to the WP-SpamShield Support Form, and take a moment to fill out a support request. That will allow us to help you diagnose this, find out what the real issue is, and get things working right for you.

    Please ask yourself this…When developers spend so much time developing free plugins for the WordPress community, is it really ok to post a 1-star review without making any reasonable effort to receive support? That’s simply not the right way to handle things.

    If you have an issue with something, submit a support request first, and give the author time to respond. We provide free support for our plugins…all you have to do is submit a support request at the WP-SpamShield Support Page. We provide some of the best support out there.

    You might want to take a moment to check out these two posts:

    I would ask that you reconsider your rating, as it simply isn’t accurate or fair. Reviews like this simply do not help the global WordPress community.

    – Scott

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