• We all know that the native search experience for WooCommerce should be better (to put it kindly πŸ€—), although we also know how important it is for an online store. Fortunately this service has achieved a high quality and effortless integration for the user. You activate the plugin, put your API key (it is a paid service, you know) and they take care of indexing all the content of your store.

    I have to admit that before starting the free trial period I was skeptical (my site is made with a custom theme), but in a few minutes the plugin manages to perfectly index the content of your store, including attributes, tags and categories. Thanks to the stats panel you get valuable information about the searches in your online store and you can also customize the behavior of the results from the user area in Motive.

    If your store really requires continuous searches or has a lot of products, it is a highly recommended tool that is worth the cost.

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