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  • I don’t even remember how I ended up with this plugin. Ah yes, I remember. Analytics integration was performed by the previously used SEO plugin and when I migrated to Yoast, MonsterInsights plugin was recommended by Yoast.

    I ended up with Pro version that comes with AddOns.

    First observation, documentation is deficient. For each addon, the documentation did NOT say what to look for in Analytics to see what the addon was doing. For each addon, I had to contact support to figure out.

    On the bright side, support was prompt and did provide the requested information. I just don’t know why it is not in the documentation in the first place.

    Next, when you install this plugin and its addons, loading the plugins page or the update-core page in the WP Admin backend, it is going to take 8 seconds per plugin to load these pages. So in my case, it makes 32 seconds since I had the pro plugin + 3 addons! (It is cut in half with my proposed patch

    So in other words, the more pay them, the slower your site will become. And I didn’t know what was causing the slowness before spending a full day to track it down. When I found out (all the info is in the WP bug ticket) and I reported back my discovery to the author plugin (2 weeks ago. Still unresolved as I write this). They had the sheer stupidity to put the blame of the slowness on the dns lookup and the remote request round time trip to explain the problem.

    All my other premium plugins who do remote requests for validating license do it less than half a SECOND. Not half a MINUTE.

    Well, this has pretty much made me not like very much this plugin but I was tolerating the situation telling to myself that they would eventually look at the problem.

    Until the last upgrade. To 7.0.3. After few hours following the upgrade, I did notice that Analytics stats were not coming in. I did inspect the HTML code behind my pages to find out the Google tracking code was absent. That is pretty dumb…

    Picture this one moment. A Google Analytic plugin that do not place in the HTML the Google Analytics JS code… That is pretty much useless…

    After that they have totally lost me. I mean go figure how the QA control did to let that problem been released at large without being caught? It must be incredibly crappy…

    I’m buying premium plugins to be relief from doing everything. Not to waste more time by a plugin breaking my site!

    So what I did, I did manually install the Google Analytics tracking code into my theme header.php file…

    And then I asked to myself…

    What is the point to keep this dumb plugin that slow down my site if it isn’t even able to do the basic thing that it is expected to do?

    There is absolutly no reason to tolerate that.

    So, I just uninstalled that piece of crap. My site started to be blazing fast as before and I felt relief.

    Some bottomline, my recommendation is:


    Too much complex and buggy. Too slow and software quality control is deficient.

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  • Plugin Author chriscct7


    > A Google Analytic plugin that do not place in the HTML the Google Analytics JS code

    We don’t place the analytics.js code in the HTML for logged in site administrators, something we both document and clearly point out in the HTML comment. This allows MonsterInsights to avoid tracking logged in site owners which prevents them from accidentally skewing their own GA data particularly for demographics.

    MonsterInsights is used on 2+ million websites, including some of the largest websites on the internet.

    When you asked us about the licensing update, our staff explained to you the reason it takes so long. You should also note the plugins you were comparing it to, were ones that use updating software that our staff also writes, on behalf of Easy Digital Downloads.

    Here is the reason you have given me. If you ask my opinion, I would say that is solely because of 5…

    Hi Olivier,

    I’ve spoken with our Lead Developer. The delay is caused from a couple factors:

    1. the time for your site to request our dns
    2. the time for your site to negotiate ssl of our site
    3. the time for our site to route your request
    4. the time for our site to authenticate your request
    5. the time for our site to process your request and send back the result.

    One of the next phases of our development will be to move to custom tables to speed up the database queries. That will improve the speed of items 3-5.

    Thank you for your input on this issue.



    Jay Gidwitz
    Technical Support Specialist

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    Plugin Author chriscct7


    That’s generally correct. The way the EDD SL system is built, which is used by us as well as the ones you were comparing them to, the execution time of 5 increases exponentially with the number of licenses (and we’re by far the largest EDD SL instance given our number of users) installed because Pippin wrote it originally to utilize posts and postmeta not a custom table, and a lot of DB requests have to be made to validate the licenses. We’re (MonsterInsights) actually moving off of EDD SL and to an entirely new licensing system, which utilizes flat files and then a custom db table as a backup, which is already live for our Enterprise customers, and will be rolling out to Pro users later in the year, after we make sure it works 100% of the time for several months. It should also be noted that with the release of WP 4.9.4, the issue with plugin updates has been somewhat mitigated with one of the fixes included in the release for the autoupdater of WP core.

    fair enough concerning the behavior change about not adding tracking code for logged admins.

    Let’s say that your plugin was on the spot and on trial with the frustration that it did cause to me in the last few weeks. With this new ‘issue’, that was too much.

    The no admin tracking behavior is new to version 7 and not well documented. Prepare your support to receive similar complains to mine.

    A better way to introduce this change would have been to not alter the behavior by default and offer the no data skewing as an option controlled by a checkbox.

    Plugin Author chriscct7


    MonsterInsights has never tracked admin users as the default since it was first released many years ago as Google Analytics for WordPress by Yoast version 1.0 on September 2, 2010. To be very clear, this has always been the case, has never changed, and we have no intentions of changing it. The 7.0 release, which is a Pro release, does not change any of the logic used to determine when to show tracking codes and when to not show them. Instead the entire release focuses on the reporting area, not the tracking itself.

    It should also be noted you can control this behavior, as has always been the case through the roles to exclude from tracking multiselect box on the first tab of the Tracking settings panel, as well as through filters.

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    I can tell you this. Prior to upgrade. My browsing was tracked. After it wasn’t without any warning.

    So if it is something configurable. The upgrade somehow lost my settings.

    BTW, are you always like that?

    I mean I understand that you want to correct the facts to preserve your plugin reputation against a bad review but this whole ‘the unsatisfied user is wrong and I am right because the plugin exist since 2010 and I have 2 million users’ attitude is extremely annoying and for all to see…

    A software provider that accept responsability for problems experienced by the users and is able to apologize is a quality that is not to be negleted when choosing a plugin.

    Bottomline, maybe your plugin is the best plugin in the world but there is really nothing in it for me that is a MUST have that cannot be done by simpler means that justify all the headaches and time wasted that using your plugin did.

    I just note that there is about 1 quarter of the reviews that are 1 star reviews. Very unlikely that we are all wrong. Satisfaction doesn’t appear to be unanimous.

    I mean, if you were willing to ACCEPT and ACKNOWLEDGE problems, you could IMPROVE the situation…

    Until then, all 1 stars reviewers are wrong and life is pink and everything is all good

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    Plugin Author chriscct7


    The vast of the 1 star reviews are from when Yoast owned the plugin. We recently acquired it and rewrote it to fix many of the outstanding bugs, as Yoast’s team weren’t focused on updating with the significant growth of their SEO plugin.

    That’s not to say not all 1 star reviews have illegitimate concerns. We’ve gotten a few legitimate 1 star reviews, mostly from a couple users right after the 6.0 launch when we took it over since some users experienced bugs, which we rapidly pushed out fixes for, sometimes same day. However the majority we’ve gotten during our management are not from the software itself, mostly things like people not liking the color of our mascot (3 reviews dedicated to it; it used to be a green color people didn’t like so we took the feedback and redesigned Charlie, whose now purple or blue depending on context), the map library we used splitting the country of Somalia (we removed use of the library and also submitted an issue and a patch to the authors of it), and from features that were “removed” (from users who had the old Yoast plugins that didn’t understand what features were and weren’t in it due to the settings panel Yoast used, which we no longer use, and clarified on all of the settings).

    If you look at the recent reviews, you’ll find mostly extremely happy customers.

    The most likely case of the plugin tracking a logged in user would be from the use of a caching plugin serving cached files from logged out users to logged in users. While not common, and generally not the default, some caching plugins like WP Rocket Cache can be configured to do this.

    When reading reviews, we always attempt to see if there are things we can fix to make the experience better (as some of the examples above). A recent example from a support ticket was someone found an issue in how we were dealing with capabilities for notifications and we thanked them privately and fixed the issue, as well as submitted a patch to bbPress to fix the place we originally based our code design one. In your case for example, we’ve already started using a different upgrade system for our Enterprise, so that will make it to Pro at some point at which point that issue will be resolved. However, we also try to clarify anything, because a lot of times users with similar problems will read reviews and if we can help a user trying to figure out, for example, how to turn off the non-tracking of administrators, pointing out that a setting exists might help that user solve their issue a lot faster.

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